30, 60 and 90 Day Rehab Programs: Which is for the Best?

30, 60 and 90 Day Rehab Programs: Which is for the Best?

If your loved one has been to treatment before, you may be asking yourself if a 30 day rehab program is good enough for them.  After all, they are needing treatment again and they already spent 30 days in a rehab last year.  The answer to this question varies from treatment center to treatment center.  It is best to ask the admissions team about their thoughts and feelings about this question.

Most people stay in treatment for 30 days.  If someone needs more time in treatment, family members may choose to keep their loved one there.  Treatment often costs $1,000 a day.  Private health insurance often pays the costs.  However, many families often have to chip in money for out of pocket deductibles. Others have to pay cash for treatment.

Rehab is more than just detoxing. It is actually a mind changing experience.  A person must get in touch with their emotions and learn how to stay sober. If that takes longer than 30 days, then it is what it will take.  Always look at rehab as a personal experience.  Some people feel great after two weeks.

Start out with a 30 day program. If you believe your loved one needs more time, tell them.  Many people already know that 30 days is not enough for them.  If you can afford to keep them in for longer periods of time, it is to their best advantage.



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