5 Ways to Have Fun on Cinco De Mayo Without Endangering Your Sobriety

5 Ways to Have Fun on Cinco De Mayo Without Endangering Your Sobriety

So many holidays and so many ways to relapse. The way many Americans celebrate holidays, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s, Christmas or Cinco De Mayo, alcohol is usually involved.

Just because you’re not drinking, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. We’ve talked about effective strategies before for New Year’s Eve, so check those out too. But here are a few more ways to stay sober but still have fun on Cinco De Mayo.

Try Something New

We’ve already established that Cinco De Mayo and other holidays have become excuses to drink and party. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This could be the year you start a new tradition. Maybe this is the year you BBQ at the beach and go surfing. Maybe this is the year you play basketball at the park with some friends. Maybe this is the year that you try the opera for the first time.

Just say to yourself, “This is the year that I _________.” Now just fill in the blank with something new and exciting. Something that doesn’t involve alcohol.

Stand Your Ground

Whenever you’re in a setting where other people are drinking, often you feel pressure to join in the party. But you should feel confident in your decision to stay sober. So stand up for yourself. Say no. And stick to your guns. If people pressure you, excuse yourself and step away from the temptation and pressure.

Avoid Triggers

Knowing all you know about yourself, you know the situations and the people that often cause you to relapse. For example, being around some friends or some family members. Often the stress of that encounter can lead you to make the wrong decision. With a holiday celebration/party/get together where alcohol is easily accessible, the last thing you want to do is go to a party where you know your trigger friend or trigger family will be.

So this is an easy one, don’t go to the party they’ll be it. Stay away from the trigger folks. Find another place to celebrate.

Write It Down

It’s easy sometimes to lose perspective of the reasons you’re trying to stay sober. You may not notice all the good things that have come of it yet. So before you go out, write it all down. Write down why you stopped drinking and write down all the great things that have come from that decision. When you’re done, fold up the piece of paper you wrote it on and tuck it in your pocket.

Keep it there to remind you of what you’re gaining on this new path. Take a look at it throughout the night when things get tough.

Find the Friends that Understand

You might have some friends that don’t understand your decision or friends that are triggers but you also likely have a group of close friends that understand all too well the struggles you’re going through and those friends would do anything to make sure you stay sober. So call them up. See what they’re doing and tag along. Tell them you’re concerns about a night like this and ask them to watch your back.

Chances are they won’t hesitate. There is strength in numbers. So simply increase the number of people who are watching out for you.

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