A Jupiter Florida Man Bites his Girlfriend While on a Drug Rampage

A Jupiter Florida Man Bites his Girlfriend While on a Drug Rampage

Jupiter Florida is the home of many celebrities such as: Tiger Woods, Rick Ankiel, Michael Jordan and Dara Torres.  It is known for its upscale living community and friendly quiet atmosphere.  However, it also has its share of drug and alcohol related problems.

In March of 2015, a man by the name of Daniel Leneve went on a naked rampage inside of a house.  He was telling everyone that they were going to die in a screaming tone.  He apparently took 3 tabs of acid or LSD with his girlfriend.  When the police tried to arrest him, he was said to have been screaming that everyone was going to die. He was also giving struggle to the police while being arrested.

The police tried to calm him down, but they did not have much luck.  The story gets worse.  Daniel Leneve then bit his girlfriend’s finger when she was pointing it in his face.  She had to get treated at the hospital for her injuries.

It is clear that drug addiction can happen in both rich and poor communities.  Wealthier communities often deal more with prescription drug addiction than illegal drugs such as heroin and crack.  However, no drug discriminates against one person of any background.

It is possible that Leneve did not understand the drug that he was taking.  Without education, people will tend to take drugs because they heard that it makes them feel good.  Young adults often have trouble with alcohol and drugs because they don’t understand the harmful effects of them.  In this case, Leneve was 18 and his girlfriend was 17.  If police would have not shown up, this could have been a fatal incident.

We often hear of men and women running around naked when they are high on a drug.  This can happen for various reasons.

Parents often don’t know how to help their son or daughter that is addicted to drugs.  It is important to get your child help as fast as you can.  Every day that your child is on drugs, is another day that they can overdose.  Many drug/alcohol treatment centers have admissions counselors on the phone 24 hours daily to take your call.  Know that you can get the help that you need when you need it most.

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