Abusive Alcoholic Relationships Can Lead to Personal Injury

Abusive Alcoholic Relationships Can Lead to Personal Injury

Many women and men are married to abusive alcoholics.  They live a life of waking up every day to get beaten, smacked and verbally abused.  They don’t know where to turn and often take the abuse on a regular basis.

When a relationship turns abusive due to alcohol consumption, it is best to get help.  Treatment centers around the world are helping people to deal with getting sober.  Sobriety takes time, patience and commitment. Start by calling a drug and alcohol rehab and tell them what is going on in your relationship.  Many states have the Marchman Act and this legally allows you to take steps to force someone into treatment. You don’t have to live with an abusive person in your life.  It is not uncommon to hear abuse going to another level.  Some men and women walk around with bruises from their loved one that gets violent when they drink.

You can learn how to deal with these types of issues by getting the help that your loved one needs.  Alcohol can turn someone into a monster.  People are not themselves when they drink.  Some people steal and others start to scream.  Some people start calling people that they once knew and start verbally attacking them over the phone.

People often wonder why alcohol does this to people.  Alcohol can often turn a sweet loving person into a violent one.  Alcohol is nothing more than a volatile flammable liquid that is put into wine, beer and other alcohol drinks.

People that consume alcohol regularly say that it helps them to cope with depression, anxiety and pain.  However, alcohol has harmful effects to your body if taken in large quantities.  Some people suffer from cirrhosis of the liver.  There are so many physical ailments that can happen to a person that drinks alcohol on a regular basis.

Alcohol is so dangerous that if you want to detox your body from it, you can actually have a seizure.   It is important to detox in a licensed facility.  In order to help yourself, you must get out of your abusive environment.  Sometimes an intervention can get you to see that your love one needs help.  You can also give them an alternate such as, if you don’t get help, I am going to leave you for good.

Sometimes people do not wake up until you leave them.  Then they finally see all that they have lost and are willing to make a change.  Change can only happen when you take action.




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