Activities for a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Activities for a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

If you own or work for an alcohol and drug treatment center, you are probably asking yourself, “What can make my facility stand out amongst the others? How can I attract someone to my rehab?”

Every treatment center claims to have the best program for alcohol and drug addiction.  However, so few have the activities that draw people in to the facility.  Here are some ideas that you can add to your program in order to entice people to come in and do more.

  • Horse Back Riding – Most everyone that I know loves horses and animals in general.  They give you such peace and allow you to care for something other than yourself.  You will find that your clients enjoy petting the horses each day and incorporating a program in which they can take care of the horses will actually allow them to take their eyes off themselves.
  • Trips to the Beach – During the week, people are at work.  Beaches are usually empty.  You can take your clients to the beach and have them absorb some of the sun beating down on their faces.  They will enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean and the birds that fly around.  This is a perfect activity if you live in a warm climate all year around.  Many people in the world today say that a beach gives them comfort.
  • Fishing – Believe it or not, men and women like to fish.  If you have have the ability to rent a boat, it is a perfect outing for your clients.  You can rent some row boats or a motor boat.  Going out on a lake for the day is a perfect activity that will bond your clients.  You can show them how to live their life with great activities on a day to day basis.  Your clients will enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake as well.
  •  Flag Football – You can help your clients to understand that they can still have fun for free.  You only need a soft football and some different colored rags.  Each client has one.  When the flag is pulled off the player, it is considered a tackle.  Nobody will get hurt.  Your residents will enjoy this as part of their sobriety experience.
  • Board Games – Good old fashioned board games.  Remember how Monopoly and Scrabble were fun games in the 1980’s.  You can bring this back to your clients by showing them how to have fun together with others.  You will see your clients smiling as they ramp of their wealth in Monopoly or figure out words with Scrabble.  It is a great experience for people of all ages.
  • Trip to an Animal Shelter – Your clients can play with the abandoned animals an animal shelter.  Often, dogs, cats and other animals stay caged 24 hours a day without any visitors.  Your clients can give and receive love from these animals at a shelter and learn how to express their feelings once again. Some of your clients will feel a sense of love for the animals and want to help them.  They can get in touch with their own feelings of abandonment and often bring their emotions back to their therapist for healing.







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