8 Activities for Rehab Patients

activities in rehab

8 Activities for Rehab Patients

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself and your loved ones. While recovery can be enlightening and empowering, it can also be exhausting and intense at times. The team at HARP strives to make treatment at our drug rehab program as comfortable as possible for our clients. To help our clients stay on track with their recovery, HARP offers a number of activities that are fun and encourage a healthy lifestyle while in rehab.

HARP gives clients time to relax and refresh for an important reason – it helps clients stay on track with their recovery. Focusing exclusively on the work of recovery, without taking time to relax with healthy activities, can cause people to feel overwhelmed. When someone is overwhelmed by their recovery journey, they are more likely to shut down and stop making progress towards the ultimate goal of lifelong sobriety.

In addition to helping our clients stay on track with their recovery, activities can help people recovering from addiction discover pastimes they enjoy. It’s very common for people who start using alcohol and drugs to give up hobbies and other things that once brought them pleasure. Rediscovering old hobbies and finding new ones can be an enlightening experience that shows clients how to enjoy themselves without help from drugs or alcohol. This process of discovery is just as important medical detoxification and counseling sessions.

If you’re thinking about going to a drug rehab center, you likely have many questions about what you will be doing when you aren’t attending counseling sessions. You might be worried that your time in treatment will be boring and unpleasant. The HARP methodology includes an effective treatment program that always keeps our clients’ comfort in mind. Our treatment professionals list eight activities for rehab patients that you can expect to find during your stay at HARP on beautiful Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida.

Ocean Activities – Snorkeling, Kayaking, Standup Paddleboarding, Swimming, and Fishing

Our West Palm Beach treatment center is located in South Florida and features a desirable waterfront location. In addition to offering a beautiful setting, the ocean provides our clients with the opportunity to participate in a number of watersports, including standup paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling. All of these activities are fun and relaxing, and also help clients improve their physical fitness and mental skills.

Standup Paddleboarding

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) comes from Hawaii and is a mixture of surfing and canoeing. Participants either stand or kneel on a paddleboard and then use a paddle to move through the water. SUP has a number of benefits. It helps improve strength and balance, while also providing a relaxing workout. Many people feel a sense of accomplishment after mastering SUP. They also find that SUP helps them develop their motor skills and concentration, which are helpful when recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.


Kayaking is similar to canoeing and involves sitting in a small boat that encloses the lower body. The kayaker uses a double-sided paddle to move the boat forward. Although kayaking can be an intense experience in whitewater rapids, it can be very relaxing in the ocean. Many people report that ocean kayaking has a calming effect, as it allows them to enjoy nature. Kayaking can also be a fun way to improve coordination and focus, which are two skills that people tend to lose after suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs.


Snorkeling involves swimming on or through the ocean while wearing a diving mask, a snorkel, and swimming fins. While snorkeling, people can explore the underwater world for an extended period of time, without having to exert much effort. Snorkeling is the perfect opportunity to connect with nature while also getting exercise from swimming through a serene aquatic environment that’s filled with beautiful sea creatures. People report that snorkeling has a calming effect and allows them to focus on living in the moment. Focusing on the here and now can sometimes be a struggle for people dealing with addiction.


Swimming not only provides a wonderful, low-impact form of exercise that improves endurance and strength, it can also improve mood. Because swimming is a cardiovascular/aerobic activity, it is an effective tool in helping to fight stress and even psychological problems. When swimming in the ocean, people find that the stress-relief provided by swimming is intensified, as they explore nature in an aquatic environment.

Due to the low-impact nature of swimming, it is a great form of exercise for everyone, regardless of the limitations of medical conditions or age. In fact, swimming is even a recommended form of exercise for pregnant women, individuals with various disabilities, and the elderly.

Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing

In addition to these more physical forms of aquatic activities, clients who stay at HARP can also take advantage of fishing in the ocean. Fishing for recreation or sport is very popular in Palm Beach, and HARP offers many opportunities to take part in this activity with our oceanfront location. Clients who prefer catching fish from land can enjoy fishing off of our private dock, which many people find to be a relaxing experience.

For individuals who want a little bit more excitement, deep sea fishing is another wonderful option. The adventure of going out on the open ocean and not knowing what is on the other end of the line can be thrilling while floating on the ocean in a boat is incredibly calming for many people. If you’re worried about seasickness, many over-the-counter medications can help combat this common condition.

Competitive Sports – Basketball and Ping-Pong

Sometimes, you might feel like participating in a more competitive activity during your stay at HARP. Whether you’re looking for some friendly competition or the opportunity to reduce stress by tossing or hitting a ball, our drug and alcohol treatment center has exactly what you’re looking for. Two of our most popular competitive activities are ping-pong and basketball.


Although basketball is a limited contact sport, it is still competitive and provides a constructive outlet for stress. Whether a person is running up and down the court during a competitive game or shooting free throws for fun, basketball offers numerous health and psychological benefits. With so much running, basketball provides a wonderful cardiovascular workout, which can fight stress and depression.

Because many people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol often struggle with anxiety and low mood, fighting these feelings is very important. Basketball can also help people improve their focus, coordination, and planning skills, which can help during the recovery process. For these reasons, HARP features a number of beautiful basketball courts and all of the equipment necessary to play this popular sport.


For people who are looking for some competitive fun without the intense cardiovascular workout associated with basketball, ping-pong can be a great option. Although Palm Beach tends to have gorgeous weather most of the time, there are sometimes rainy days in paradise and ping-pong can be the ideal indoor activity for competitive clients.

Ping-pong improves focus, concentration, and planning skills, while also helping clients take out stress by hitting that tiny white ping-pong ball. During your stay at HARP, you can count on having access to high-quality ping-pong tables and equipment.

Relaxing Activities – Reading, Puzzles, Games, Yoga, Movies, TV, and Web Surfing

HARP offers many options for relaxing activities, including reading, puzzles, games, TV, movies, yoga, and web surfing. Our treatment professionals realize that not all clients want to spend all of their downtime being active. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options for other relaxing activities.

Our treatment center was designed with luxury and comfort in mind. With private and semi-private rooms and common areas, HARP strives to create an environment that feels just like home. With a patio that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, clients can lose themselves in a book or enjoy board games and puzzles while soaking up the sun and feeling the sea breeze.

If a client would prefer some alone time, they can retreat to their private or semi-private room to relax and recharge with a good book or some time surfing the web using our wireless internet, which is available on a case-by-case basis.

For clients who are looking to move as a way to relax, yoga can be the perfect solution. HARP offers yoga classes on a regular basis and we provide all of the necessary equipment to make practice as comfortable and productive as possible, including yoga mats, blocks, straps, and blankets. Clients can attend classes led by trained yoga instructors or stretch on their own.

Treatment Activities

In addition to fun and relaxing leisure activities, HARP clients will spend their time participating in treatment activities that are designed to help them recover from addiction. After completing medical detoxification to remove drugs and alcohol from the body, clients will participate in group and individual counseling sessions.

  • Group counseling involves multiple participants and a counselor who facilitates the discussion. In a group session, the participants can be individuals in recovery or a person who is in recovery and their family members. The goal of group therapy is to work through various topics, including anger and abandonment. In this environment, the counselor encourages participants to openly share and to keep everything that is said in the session private. Participants will do more than just talk. They will also participate in activities that are designed to identify issues and build emotional skills and coping strategies.
  • Individual counseling is a private, one-on-one session that involves meeting privately with a counselor to discuss addiction, emotional and psychological issues, and anything else that might be troubling the client. Although the counselor will likely use a number of treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common technique. CBT trains clients to avoid thoughts and situations that lead to addictive and destructive behaviors and thought patterns.

Both group and individual counseling provide short-term and long-term treatment and coping strategies. They also include discussions of aftercare resources and relapse prevention techniques to help clients maintain their progress upon returning home. Attending an inpatient drug treatment program is the first step in achieving sobriety – and the team at HARP is committed to helping clients establish a strong foundation to build upon.




Our treatment professionals realize that many clients are nervous about coming to a drug and alcohol treatment center. They worry about what the experience will be like and many people have the wrong idea that the experience will be unpleasant. However, HARP is dedicated to providing a treatment environment that is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We believe that our clients need to feel comfortable and cared for at all times in order to achieve lasting sobriety. All of the activities in our facilities reflect our dedication to helping clients reach their short-term and long-term recovery goals.

If you have questions about HARP and our approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction, you can contact our compassionate and experienced drug and alcohol treatment professionals to get the answers you need to feel confident about your choice of treatment center. If you or someone you love is ready to get help overcoming addiction, the experts at HARP are here.

HARP specializes in treating addiction to a wide variety of substances. Our team of caring medical professionals and addiction treatment specialists provides detox, support services, counseling, and long-term resources to ensure that each client has a comfortable and effective stay at our treatment center before they reenter their life – clean and sober. With help and support, recovery from addiction is possible. This West Palm Beach treatment center helps clients live a new life that’s free from drug and alcohol addiction.

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