Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

When was the last time that you tried to get help for your alcohol and drug addiction?  Did you try to find help through reading books or talking to therapists? If you have never reached out for help, it may be time for you to ask someone to help you.  Often, we cannot see the information that we need without proper guidance.  No matter how old we are, we often need someone else to show us the way.  Sometimes these are preachers, teachers, educators and treatment centers.

I found a book online that every parent should read.  It is a book entitled, “Don’t Let Your Kids Kill You: A Guide for Parents of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Children” by Charles Rubin.  I must say that Rubin really puts the parent into check. It allows them to see that they may be responsible for their child’s addiction if they are enabling them.  She allows parents to get a self-help view of not allowing your child to destroy your life.

Many parents today suffer daily for their addicted child. Many children often abuse their parent for years or life because of their addiction.  It is important for every parent to know when it is time to move on from blaming yourself. The author gives knowledge and tools how to make that happen.  The book has a whopping 226 reviews and a 5 star rating.

The author has been on television interviews to include: BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and family channels.  It is clear that the author knows what he is talking about.  The book is 204 pages long and gets your attention.

Some of the topics of the book are: Saying Good-bye to the Addicted Child, Take a Good Look at Yourself, Healing, Start within Yourself and many others.  The contents of the book teach you about drug addiction.  It encourages parents to stick within your boundaries and don’t give into your children.  You must start by healing yourself.

It is common for alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers to hear about parents blaming themselves for their child’s addiction. Often, we hear about children blaming their parent for what has happened to them.  It is a game that often goes back and forth between the parent and child.  The parent often feels that it is their responsibility to get their child sober.  The child usually feels that they can make the parent feel sorry for them.  It makes it easier to ask for money when they keep on blaming the parent for their addiction.  This often makes a parent feel that they must give their child money for drugs and alcohol.   This is called enabling. When a son or daughter goes through treatment, they learn how not to ask you for money.  You also learn what enabling is and how to get away from it.





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