Alcohol Drug

Alcohol Drug

Is alcohol a drug? According to, alcohol is a drug.  It is used by millions of teenagers, young adults and adults daily.  Alcohol is responsible for creating millions of jobs and has sales each year over $400 billion dollars.  Alcohol consumption is also popular in countries like Russia, Germany and England.  Did you know that 55% of people in prison are also there because their crime involved alcohol in some way, shape or form?

A lot of people don’t see alcohol consumption the same way as they see: heroin, cocaine, PCP, prescription drugs, marijuana or other types of drugs. Many people that consume alcohol think that it is no big deal to get drunk or go on binge drinking events with their friends.  Even the military allows soldiers to get drunk when they are off duty. They ban illegal drugs and soldiers are given drug tests to make sure that they are not abusing drugs. However, many soldiers wake up with hangovers from partying the day before with alcohol.  Alcohol destroys organs in many cases in which people abuse it.  Alcohol can be just as deadly as heroin.  Most alcohol treatment centers see alcohol as being more dangerous than other types of drugs because a person can have a seizure while trying to get sober.  Many people die each year from kidney failure or sclerosis of the liver.  Our liver is a vital organ and often alcoholics destroy their liver for different reasons.

In Germany, young adults ages 16 and over can buy beer or wine.  Do you think that a 16 year old is a responsible beer drinker? The United States has a legal drinking age of 21.  The fact of the matter is that alcohol is highly addictive for millions of people all over the world. Many people cannot stop drinking for several different reasons. If you believe you have a problem with alcohol, it is important to get yourself into a treatment facility where you can find a 12 step program to help you. If you don’t want a 12 step program, many treatment centers now offer a holistic approach to treatment such as offering clients: massages, exercise, chiropractic care, horseback riding and other activities.

Some great book titles that you can read on alcohol drug is:

  • Love is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • Freedom From Addiction (video)
  • First Year Sobriety: When All that Changes is Everything by Guy Kettelhack
  • When Someone You Love is Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs by Jim Maclaine
  • Hi…My Name is Jennifer and I am a Drug Addict by Jennifer Ferreira


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