Are You Addicted to Video Games?

Are You Addicted to Video Games?

Do you remember when kids used to play ATARI for hours back in the 1980’s?  It was the crave of the century because it gave kids challenges to get to the next level of any game. Amazingly, games help us to feel challenged and to grow as an individual. However, they can become an addiction if we play them for several hours a day.

If you find that you are playing video games for 4 hours or more per day, you may in fact be addicted to video games.  If you work a full time job for eight hours a day and take care of household chores and responsibilities, you are lucky if you have two hours of free time to yourself to either play video game.  The fact that a person has 4 hours or more per day to play video games means that they may have a problem.  Video game addiction can keep you from forming personal relationships with our spouses, significant others, friends and family.  It is hard to watch someone center there life around a video game. Often, you will speak to someone playing a video game and they don’t even know that you are speaking with them.  Video game addiction has become more popular with the invention of the cell phone and personal computers.  You can literally play video games anywhere.

Although you are not hurting anyone physically, video game addiction has emotional struggles. In today’s world, many husbands and wives are divorcing their spouses due to video game addiction.  It is a horrible feeling when someone that you love has no time to spend with you because they cannot get themselves to stop playing a game.

Many adults and children that are addicted to video games will go through withdrawal if they are not in front of a game most of the day.  They may throw tantrums or start fighting.  It will often cause depression or anxiety.

Video game addicts often go for days without bathing because they cannot get themselves off of their video game.  Extreme mood swings and wanting to be in seclusion are examples as well.

If you feel that you may have a video game addiction, you can get help from many sources. People often get help from counselors because the addiction is so deep rooted.  It often stems from a wanting to have fun and avoiding people at the same time.  Most video game addicts like to play alone and avoid people.  Having people around often means distraction.

If you feel like you or your loved one is snappy with people due to your video game usage, you may want to seek help. Often a person does not realize that they are addicted to video games until it is too late.  If your husband or wife is threatening to leave you because of your addiction, get help as soon as possible.

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