Are You Concerned About Your Daughters Addiction to Vodka?

Are You Concerned About Your Daughters Addiction to Vodka?

Many young women today are choosing to drink vodka.  Vodka is often associated with Eastern Europe and Russia.  Some young women choose this alcoholic beverage because it is considered by some to be a less hard liquor.

Vodka is easy to buy and often purchased for under $20.00.  Vodka is often mixed with other beverages such as cranberry and grapefruit juice.  If you never seen it before, it looks like clear water.   The alcohol content is around 30 to 50%.

Vodka is also not considered a fattening drink like beer.  Many young women hear about beer giving you a “beer gut”.  Vodka however is often a drug for young women because they are often trying to keep a good figure to an impress someone of the opposite sex.

It is also known as a mild drink. When mixed with orange juice, people find the drink to be soothing.  Vodka is potent and easy to mix with other drugs.  Parents are often concerned about their daughter’s addiction, but fail to say anything about it for several reasons. Vodka consumption is easy to hide because it is often drunk recreationally.

Here are some signs that your loved one may be abusing vodka:

  • They want to drink alone.
  • They are constantly neglecting commitments because of their drinking.
  • They have slurred speech and intense changes in behavior.

Lots of parents find that their child is drinking vodka and taking other drugs as well.  It is not uncommon to hear about a person drinking vodka and shooting heroin at the same time.  Often, alcoholic beverages are mixed with drugs.

Some women prefer sweet alcoholic drinks over hard liquors that can often taste bad.  You should be concerned about your daughters drinking because her life may be on the line.  She may eventually more on to harder drugs or alcoholic beverages.  Often, women that get introduced to vodka eventually move on to harder alcoholic beverages.

You may also find that your loved one is hiding Vodka bottles around the house.  They may be embarrassed about their consumption and often want to hide it from others.  If your child is mixing alcohol and prescription medication, this can actually become deadly.  If you need help with addiction, please call a drug and alcohol treatment center for help.  Often, your daughter needs an intervention by a professional interventionist.



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