Are You Enabling Your Child to do Drugs?

Are You Enabling Your Child to do Drugs?

Parents often ask themselves, “Am I an enabler?”  Many parents’ feel stuck because they don’t know what to do.  If they don’t give their child what they want, they will often rebel.  Many parents are afraid of their children stealing from them or becoming physically demanding and violent.

If you are asking yourself the question, “Am I an enabler?”, the answer is probably yes. You are an enabler if you can answer yes to any of the below statements:

  • I give my child money already knowing that they are going to use it for alcohol or drugs.
  • I feel guilty about giving my child money.
  • If my child threatens me, I help them to get drugs or alcohol.
  • My child tells me that I am a bad parent and then I give them what they want.
  • My child keeps doing what I ask them not to do and then I give them whatever they want.
  • You agree to personally buy your child drugs in order to avoid having a problem with them.
  • Even though you know your child should go to rehab, you tell them that it’s their choice to go or not go.


Many parents fear that they may be contributing to their child’s addiction.  Sadly, this is often the case because parents see no other way out.  It is important for a parent to speak with a drug/alcohol addiction treatment center for more information.  You may be surprised to find out that a center can help you to get your child into a program through intervention.  Interventions often involve a professional interventionist coming into your home.  Family members that your child truly love are at this meeting.  The meeting involves your child feeling a connection with those that care for them.  Interventions work best because they give your child a sense of needing both rehabilitation and love from the people that they care about.


Mothers and fathers are often shocked to find out that an intervention actually works.  They also feel that their guilt is gone from enabling their child.  If you don’t act now, you could definitely watch your child overdose in the days to come.




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