Are You Finding Out that Your Alcoholism is a Direct Result of Your Molestation?

Are You Finding Out that Your Alcoholism is a Direct Result of Your Molestation?

Treatment centers across the United States treat men and women of all ages.  Once a person enters a treatment center for rehabilitation, a lot of thoughts come out. You may start remembering the time that you got molested as a child.  Many victims that experience child molestation do not talk about their emotions. Often, they turn to alcoholism and drugs for comfort.  When people get molested, they often feel shame and heartache.  They often feel that they are to blame.  When you are in recovery, you discover that you can learn how to deal with your pain without using alcohol and drugs.

According to the website, “Addicts are often Incest or Child Molestation Victims.”  It seems to be the case many times. Often, young men and women are troubled by their past.  They often don’t know how to express what happened.

Here are a few books that can be of comfort for you that are struggling:

  • The Stop Child Molestation Book: What Ordinary People Can Do in Their Everyday Lives to Save 3 Million Children by Nora Harlow
  • Nasty Little Girl: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse by B.C. Choices
  • Finding Sunshine After the Storm: A Workbook for Children Healing from Sexual Abuse by Curtis Holmes PhD and Sharon McGee LMFT
  • Child Molestation Stories: Voices of Survivors: of Child Sexual Abuse (Molestation, Rape, Incest)
  • Mommy Did Nothing As they Molested Me: A Story of Abuse (Child Abuse Series Book 2) by Crystal Castle

Books helps us to move on from our past.  When we read books from others that have the same experiences as us, we begin to feel a sense of understanding.  Others have gone through what you have.  Once you start talking out your feelings with a professional therapist, you will begin to understand how to cope with these painful memories.  Without professional help, you may continue drinking and doing drugs.  It is mainly because it takes time to heal your soul.  Everything is a process in life. is an excellent resource of  help for victims of molestation and sexual abuse  The faster that you cry out for help, the better that you will feel.  Treatment centers help you to address your alcohol/drug issues and personal issues at the same time.  You receive an entire program that will help you for the rest of your life.

Treatment programs that offer 30 day inpatient care are often the best choices.  Experts say that it takes 21 days to change a habit.  You will be able to change your thoughts and how you cope with the past pain that you have in your life.


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