Barbiturate: An Overdose that Killed Judy Garland

Barbiturate: An Overdose that Killed Judy Garland

Judy Garland was an actress, singer and vaudevillian.  She was best known for the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” and the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”  Millions of people have watched her on television and still often do not understand the painful life of this celebrity.


Some facts about Judy Garland that You May Not Be Aware of:


  • She was plagued by financial instability.  She often owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes.
  • Film executives often told her that she was unattractive and was constantly criticized by her onstage performance.
  • She was married 5 times.
  • Had a long battle with drugs and alcohol.
  • Died at the age of 47.
  • Was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.
  • Was found dead of a drug overdose on June 22, 1969.
  • Received a Star for Her Film Work at 1715 Vine Street on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Most addicts have a troubled background that lead them to alcoholism or drug addiction.  For Judy Garland, it was no different.  Her father died when she was only 12 years old.  She saw a psychiatrist for the first time at the age of 18 because of her pressured Hollywood stardom.

When someone loses a parent at a young age, they often do not know how to express their feelings and emotions.  It is clear that she was feeling pressure from Hollywood being she saw a psychiatrist at the age of 18.  The pressures that were in her life was tough to deal with.

Drug and alcohol addiction are often hereditary and deal with pain of a person’s life.  Many people that turn to drugs and alcohol are looking for an escape and simply want to feel better. In today’s 21st century world, we deal with drug and alcohol addiction by sending people to rehab/treatment centers.  This is a treatment program that was not really around during Judy Garland’s day.

Many of today’s celebrities go to rehab if they are having a problem with drug/alcohol addiction.  The drug Barbiturate acts as a central nervous system depressant.  They can be highly addictive and therefore should be monitored by a licensed physician.

We often hear about celebrities overdosing on prescription medication. It is important to be honest with your doctor about how much of the drug you are taking and what other drugs you are taking as well.  Be open about your alcohol use and whatever else you think your doctor should know about.  Many celebrities die of prescription overdoses because their doctors are not informed about the high dosages their patients are taking. Often people want to hide the truth about their drug and alcohol addiction.







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