Benefits of Going to a Luxury Rehab

Benefits of Going to a Luxury Rehab

Benefits of Going to a Luxury Rehab

When many people think of rehab, they think of a drab, sterile building that serves as a background for treatment that will go on for up to 3 months. They think of bland food and periods of boredom and downtime.  While this may describe some rehab facilities, there is an alternative that not only allows you or your loved one to get the treatment that they need but also enables your treatment to be more productive and successful.

The alternative to a traditional, run-of-the-mill rehab is getting treatment at a top-tier, luxury rehab facility.  In this article, we’ll break down what separates a luxury rehab facility from a regular one, as well as outline some of the benefits that attending a luxury rehab brings with it.

Rehab is ultimately an investment in your future or the future of a loved one.   During the time in rehab, patients will learn the skills and receive the help they need in order to provide the foundation for lifelong sobriety.  Although luxury rehab may seem like an unnecessary added expense when searching for your ideal rehab facility, there are a number of features at many luxury rehab facilities that help patients achieve sobriety and maintain it once they have finished their inpatient stay.

A Higher Level of Care

Luxury rehab facilities are set apart from a barebones rehab facility in the level of care that they offer their patients.  This is perhaps the most important feature that you are paying for when you choose to enroll in a luxury rehab facility.  The reason luxury facilities are able to offer a higher standard of care is simple; luxury rehab facilities cost more than a traditional facility, allowing them to allocate more of their budget towards staffing.

Having a larger budget allows luxury rehab facilities to choose the best doctors, therapists, and licensed medical professionals around.  Staff at luxury rehab facilities are highly sought after and must be paid competitively to be retained.  Having staff that is well-qualified and highly compensated serves as a powerful motivator to maintain a patient-centered approach to care.

Another important feature that luxury rehab facilities offer is a higher staff to patient ratio.  Luxury rehab facilities are able to afford increased staffing at all times, including during the night.  This greatly increases the level and availability of care for the patients at the facility.  Typically, luxury rehab facilities will have qualified medical professionals staffed at all hours of the day.  This staffing approach offers a much higher level of care, as patients will have access to a medical professional who is on-site at all times.  Having round-the-clock access to medical professionals is especially critical during the detox period.

In general, patients will undergo a medically managed detox during the first few days to week of their inpatient stay.  During this time, the patient will have all traces of their substance of abuse removed from their body, after which point they will be able to begin the process of recovery and dealing with their chemical dependency.  Depending on the substance of abuse, detox can be a difficult process that is at times dangerous.

Because of this, medical oversight is crucial to monitor the recovering addict for any abnormalities or negative health developments as their body adjusts to its new state.  In many cases, a long history of drug abuse can mask underlying medical conditions such as organ damage or pervasive infection, which can manifest strongly as the body is thrown out of equilibrium during the detox and withdrawal process.  In a luxury rehab facility, patients and their families will have greater security and peace of mind knowing that medical supervision is always available.

Flexible Treatment Plans

Luxury rehab facilities are also able to enhance patient care and the efficacy of their treatments by offering treatment plans with greater flexibility than lower-budget rehab facilities.  Luxury rehab facilities are able to incorporate non-standard treatment practices into their treatment programs.  By doing so, luxury rehab facilities can create a unique treatment plan for each recovering addict which takes into account their unique personality, goals, drug or alcohol abuse habit, and lifestyle.  

When attempting to locate the ideal treatment facility for you or your loved one, it is important to ask the right questions of your prospective facilities.  One question that should be at the top of the list is whether the facility you are going to work with approaches patient care with a one-size-fits-all approach, or whether they offer nuanced and well-thought-out treatment plans.  

Having a unique treatment plan tailored specifically for you or your loved one has a number of advantages.  First, it will incorporate the differences that make you an individual into your treatment plan.  This will result in treatment being an easier process because it will be more comfortable.  Patients will more easily assimilate the ideas and tools they learn during the recovery process into their life after rehab if they are able to identify with the underlying logic behind those tools and ideas.  

Second, a unique treatment plan takes into account where a recovering addict is in their journey, and more accurately guide them towards a successful recovery by giving them the tools and skills that they need most.  In a traditional rehab facility that utilizes a straightforward approach, recovering addicts will have to sit through programs that may not offer them insights that they can utilize or act upon at that time.  This approach often leads to recovering addicts viewing portions of their recovery program as a waste of time.  

With a treatment program crafted around the individual, recovering addicts will be placed in courses that provide them with skills and tools that will supplement their individual knowledge, increasing the arsenal they have to combat their addiction.  In a program crafted for the individual, often that individual doesn’t view the time they spend in programs as wasted.  Rather, they can recognize that the skills and tools they are learning are going to complement their personality and help them to achieve their goals over the long-term.


One of the most prevalent misconceptions about luxury rehab facilities is that they simply offer more amenities than other facilities.  While the basic fact that more amenities are offered at a luxury rehab than other facilities is true, the reasoning behind these offerings is different than many believe.  As we have outlined, luxury rehab facilities offer a heightened continuum of care as compared to traditional rehab programs.

Better trained and higher quality staff increase the efficacy of a patient care centered model, as does the ability to craft and implement a unique treatment program for each individual.  At a luxury rehab facility, the staff and medical professionals also recognize that certain amenities also increase the efficacy of their treatment.  Although from the outside these amenities can appear to offer a “resort-style” feel to a treatment program, they provide an important role during the recovering process.

The amenities offered at a luxury rehab facility vary depending on which facility you are interested in and where they are located.  One of the most important amenities that can be offered is the location of the facility.  Luxury rehab facilities are most commonly located in areas which are visually pleasing.  Although location shouldn’t be someone’s primary concern when choosing a rehab facility that works for them, it should be a consideration during the selection process.  

The location of the facility, and the facility’s integration with the natural world around them can have a large impact on the mental state of the patients that are undergoing treatment there.  A pleasing setting for a rehab program can help contribute to a state of relaxation in recovering addicts.  This creates space for periods outside, where patients can spend time contemplating their treatment and assimilating tools and skills that they have learned.  Luxury rehab facilities will often encourage their patients to spend time outside, as they recognize that periods of intense therapy or skills classes can be draining and their patients will need time to rest and process that new information.  

One of the ways that luxury rehab facilities encourage their patients to continue their work outside of the confines of a room or structured class is by offering a variety of activities or diversions for their patients.  The scope of activities that are offered to patients in a luxury rehab facility vary by facility, and depend on their location.  Many progressive luxury rehab facilities will offer a variety of holistic activities, such as yoga, meditation, or Pilates.  

In some cases, there may be a required part of a recovering addict’s treatment program; however, in other cases, they may just be offered as an optional avenue for self-improvement.  Holistic courses such as these offer an important gateway for the recovering addict to get to know their body and mind better.  Through yoga, Pilates, and meditation, recovering addicts are able to achieve heightened states of mind-body awareness, while also learning important breathing techniques that can help in stressful situations, and allowing their body and mind to achieve a greater level of relaxation.  

Luxury drug rehab centers will also offer amenities such as sports and outdoor activities.  Team sports such as volleyball or basketball fill an important role in a recovery program.  These sports require the recovering addict to work together with other recovering addicts.  While teamwork is important, these activities also give recovering addicts a chance to mingle with others that are going through a similar process of recovering, which can lead to the formation of friendships and bonds that last long after the end of the program.  

By encouraging those people going through recovery to take part in team activities, staff at the rehab facility are also encouraging their patients to take an opportunity to build up a network of like-minded people focused on sobriety.  Having a network of support is crucial for recovering addicts, particularly after they leave an inpatient recovery program and are pursuing lifelong sobriety in their everyday life.

Other activities offered at a luxury rehab facility, such as kayaking, fishing, or bike riding can be performed individually and are more geared towards facilitating a greater state of relaxation for the recovering addict.  By having activities available where the patient can take a break, both mentally and physically, luxury rehab facilities offer an avenue for both the body and spirit to heal in its own time while in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment.

One of the final amenities offered at a luxury rehab facility is the overall quality of the grounds and accommodations.  Luxury rehab facilities are generally more comfortable and pleasing to the eye than a traditional, bare-bones rehab facility.  In a luxury rehab facility, staff prioritize patient care and comfort and recognize that both of these factors greatly influence the effectiveness of their treatment programs.  As such, luxury rehab facilities generally offer more comfortable accommodations for their patients.  Your rooms will usually be larger, you may have the option of having your own room, your bed will be more comfortable, and you may have access to features such as television or wireless internet that ease the transition to staying in a rehab facility.

The misconception about luxury rehab facilities is that they offer a variety of surface-level benefits.  However, the reality is that nearly all of the features that set a luxury rehab facility apart from a traditional rehab are designed and implemented to increase the effectiveness of treatment and the level of care that they can provide.  Luxury facilities such as HARP offer the highest levels of care possible.  Patients or loved ones of patients entering a luxury rehab facility will be secure in the knowledge that they will have the highest standard of care possible by the most well-trained and well-paid medical professionals in the industry.

That level of care will also be extended around the clock, which gives peace of mind should a medical emergency occur.  The amenities offered at a luxury rehab facility will also offer ample opportunity for further growth through courses such as yoga or Pilates, while also enabling recovering addicts to experience downtime in a relaxing setting.  Luxury rehab facilities offer the ability to tailor customized and unique treatment programs for their patients, which will give you or your loved one the best chances of a successful recovery.

Although many people mistakenly believe that a luxury rehab facility is outside of their economic means, there are often programs that can help recovering addicts or their loved ones qualify for treatment at a luxury facility.  We encourage you to look at luxury rehab facilities in your search for the best treatment option for you, as it may give you or your loved one the best treatment options while also greatly increases the chances of a successful recovery.

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