Bill Wilson: An Ex-Alcoholic That Gave Millions of Addicts Hope Again

Bill Wilson: An Ex-Alcoholic That Gave Millions of Addicts Hope Again

The late Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that helps people with addiction problems.  The group has over 2 million members.

Bill Wilson battled alcoholism for many years of his life.  He decided to become sober on December 11, 1934.  He found that combining his sobriety with faith actually made him want to stay sober.  His methods teach addicts on how to live a sober life through their faith in God.

He died at the age of 75 and it was not because of alcoholism. He died of emphysema complicated by pneumonia in 1971.  Wilson was a heavy smoker.

If you take a look at his early life, you will be able to see why he eventually led a life of alcoholism in his early days. Bill was abandoned by both his mother and father.  His father went on a business trip and never came home. His mother abandoned him and his sister to study osteopathic medicine.  He was then cared for by his grandparents Fayette and Ella.

Wilson had a girlfriend at the age of 17.  She unfortunately died during a surgery that lead him into a depressed state.  Depression often works hand and hand with alcoholism.

He attended a university called Norwich.  He unfortunately suffered from panic attacks and depression.  This led him to leave the university after only a few months.  Wilson was also involved in the military. He got his first taste of alcohol while he was in the military and he found drinking to be rather relaxing.  If you can believe, he did not graduate law school because he was too drunk to go and pick up his diploma.

It was clear that Wilson’s alcoholism was taking control of his life. In 1933, he was committed to Charles B. Towns hospital for drug and alcohol addictions.   He was committed 4 times.  The hospital is in New York City.  Eventually Wilson was told that he would either be locked up permanently or die from alcoholism.  This information was the reality that Wilson was going to have to face.

In 1934, Wilson finally got a revelation that he was searching for his whole life.  He had an encounter with his spirituality.  He says that he laid on his bed and cried out, “If there is a God, let him reveal himself.”  At that moment, Wilson saw a bright light and a feeling of ecstasy.  After this spiritual encounter, Bill never drank again.  His knowledge of God freed him from a life addicted to alcohol.

The life of Bill Wilson is something that most alcoholics can relate to.  Once you find your faith, you can overcome your addition.  Many people say that Bill was a fortunate man to have found his faith and sobriety.  Unfortunately, many people do not have this success in life.  Often, people die from alcoholism.

AA was founded by Bill Wilson because he felt the need to help people struggling with alcoholism.  He used his faith as a way to help people to overcome their addiction. Many alcoholics say that they find peace with attending AA group meetings.


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