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Deductibles & Co-Payments

Our focus here is to help you understand your addiction, develop the tools necessary to manage the stresses of everyday life, to give you a taste of recovery, and help you get inspired to continue in recovery after you leave.   Since it involves health care services, treatment is subject to special rules that prevent us from simply accepting what insurance pays for your treatment, as payment in-full.  We have to bill you for those charges that insurance does not cover.

Having said that, we will work with you so that your financial obligations to us do not create a stress, or encourage an unhealthy enabling relationship that would negatively impact your recovery.  In general, there are two main expenses associated with receiving treatment away from your home: the clinical program and, as you get better, the recovery residence.  Most insurance policies cover the cost of your residence in the early stages of your recovery, but not so much as you progress to outpatient levels of care.

Even with insurance, there are patient cost-sharing amounts that will be your responsibility.  These are the deductible and co-payment that you agreed to pay as part of your health insurance contract, as well as the difference between what we charge and what is reimbursed by insurance.

Soon after you complete treatment, we should know for sure how much of your total bill remains to be paid after your insurance has paid.  We will begin to bill you for this outstanding balance at that time.

By law, the patient cost-sharing amounts can only be waived for patients with a bonafide financial hardship.  In the absence of hardship, we expect to collect the deductible, co-payment and balance due from you.

As long as you are making progress in your recovery, we will work with you if you cannot pay the remaining balance of your bill all at once.  If you want to discuss our hardship policy or alternative payment plans, just ask anyone at HARP to refer you to our Finance Department.

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