Can Drawing and Painting Help to Keep You Sober?

Can Drawing and Painting Help to Keep You Sober?

During rehab, it is important to get deep down inside of yourself and figure out what is making you addicted to drugs and alcohol?  Often our addictions have a root cause to them.  If a person was molested as a child or left by a spouse, it can send someone into world of drug and alcohol addiction. Often, people try to mask their feelings.  It is easier to bury your feelings then to express them and cry out for help.

Many addicts believe that art work helps them to express what is going on inside of them.  When you paint something on canvas or draw a picture, it helps you to see what is happening inside of you.  Are has always been a form of expression.  Many great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci always expressed from their heart.  Their art work is displayed in museums around the world.  They tell a story each time and often make us think of our own feelings towards what is being shown in front of us.

Artists tell a story of who we are as humans and what kinds of feelings we all share.  A painting is more than just something drawn on a canvas. In fact, it is a person’s life story on how they see the world.

Part of staying sober is to always be in touch with what is going on inside of your heart.  Expressing your feelings when you have a romantic breakup or a painful experience is necessary. Keeping your feelings locked up inside is the worst thing that you can do.  If art work keeps you in touch with your inner feelings, then it is a good thing.

Art is not always the answer though.  Brilliant artists like Vincent van Gogh had a reputation of being a great artist and a strong alcoholic.  Perhaps if he had an alcohol treatment program in his day, he would have seen a way to stay sober and to practice his art work at the same time.

The life story of Vincent van Gogh can teach us something.  It can teach us that being an alcoholic can eventually lead us to our death.  We can be expressive in our art work and learn how to be sober at the same time.

In the 21st century, you have a lot of resources that Vincent van Gough did not have.  You have treatment centers and group meetings like alcoholics anonymous.  Your resources are endless.  Allow art to be a part of expression in your life.  Draw and pain what you feel. Share it with those that you trust and allow yourself to see that living a sober life is possible.


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