Can You Drink Alcohol When You are Pregnant?

Can You Drink Alcohol When You are Pregnant?

Many women choose to drink alcohol when they are pregnant.  Is this okay to do?  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is telling women to not drink when you are pregnant. They say, never.  Not even a sip.  Nothing.

This is a strong statement. However, the organization says that women that drink alcohol when they are pregnant can expose their child to birth defects and cognitive problems later on in life.  It is common for women to hear the same message from their home country when pregnant. Most health professionals would agree that alcohol is never good for the baby.

Although most medical doctors in the USA say that drinking is not good for the baby, doctors in the UK and Italy say that it is okay for a woman to drink one glass of alcohol a week.   We seem to have a difference of professional opinion here.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been linked to babies having problems with their heart, vision and their hearing.

It is clear that you will get a mixed reaction when it comes to drinking alcohol while you are pregnant. It is clear that consuming to much alcohol when pregnant is never a good thing.  To be safe, it is best not to drink at all when you are pregnant.  If you choose to drink, make sure to check with your licensed medical doctor for advice.


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