Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Mahwah New Jersey

Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Mahwah New Jersey

You can find tons of information about the township of Mahwah New Jersey at  Mahwah is better known as “Bergen County’s Parkland”.  There are many state parks and reservations located in this Bergen County Suburb.  Many people vacation here to take advantage of the many activities that you can do.  Some of these activities are: swimming, hiking, snowboarding, biking and so much more.  It is a quiet place to live and people often describe this as being a peaceful neighborhood to raise a family in.

Some of the civic organizations include: Literacy Volunteers, Mahwah Democratic Club and the Mahwah Ice Hockey Association.  There are also many religious organizations and schools as well.  With all of the good things happening in Mahwah, N.J, you have to wonder what could go wrong.  When it comes to alcoholism, there is a problem in almost every county and state in the United States of America today.  According to, there are a lot of Mahwah Alcohol abuse therapists that you can talk to.  Some names that are mentioned would be:

  • Mary Wallach – Drug and Alcohol counselor, PhD, LCADC, RN
  • Regina Colgan – Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, PsyA
  • Jayne C Barrett – Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
  • Susan Lief – Psychiatric Nurse, APRN, CASAC, CS, BC

The causes of alcohol abuse are often misunderstood by families and friends.  It is a known fact that alcoholism often runs in families that have alcoholism already in place.  Alcoholics are often in denial that they even have an alcohol problem when they are addressed. It is important to call a rehabilitation treatment center for help if you know that your loved one has a drinking problem.

The worst thing that a person can say is that, “When he/she wants to stop drinking, they will.”  Alcoholics are often not in the right frame of mind to be thinking about sobriety. Their body has become addicted to the alcohol and the body actually craves the alcohol.  It is important that you get them help right away.  Some alcoholics have seizures, night sweats and passing out episodes before they are willing to seek any help.

Alcoholics are known to cause deaths behind the wheel of a car.  In an article published in 2012, by, it says that the Mahwah police were cracking down on drunk drivers.  In 2012, there were a high number of DUI arrests.  The township got funded to increase more patrolling in the area.  We can only be thankful that the government is doing something about it.

Another story of a 55 year old woman driving drunk in a police parking lot was reported on January 15, 2015 by  When the police officer gave her a breathalyzer, she blew 3 times the legal limit. Drinking alcohol behind the wheel of a car is the same as carrying a loaded gun.  Many people die each year from an alcohol related death.














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