Causes of Drug Abuse in Upper Saddle River New Jersey

Causes of Drug Abuse in Upper Saddle River New Jersey

New Jersey has seen its share of drug addiction over the past decade.  There is a population in Upper Saddle River NJ of 8,208 people.  It was settled in the 18th century by Dutch settlers.  There is a full community of services in this borough.  It is part of Bergen County.  It has its own schools, libraries, police force, libraries and activities to do.  It is considered more of a family town and area.  This county is usually quiet and shares a post office with its neighbor Saddle River.

As beautiful as this borough is, it has its share of drug and alcohol problems that are sweeping across the United States.  According to, there were 5 arrests that had to deal with a drug bust.  Five people were arrested in Upper Saddle River, NJ around January 12, 2015.  This is not the best way to start the New Year.

The police were on a 3 month investigation.  Amongst those arrested were a 19 and 59 year old man.  Shockingly, the 59 year old is the father of the 19 year old.  This is not the best way to teach your children in life.  Many financial experts say that the economy is still at a low point. Many people are resorting to illegal activity, such as drug dealing to make it.  However, this is not the best way to go and families always end up suffering with seeing one of their loved ones going to prison because of it.

It appears that this ring was dealing marijuana in Bergen County.  Incidents like this cause parents to panic because drugs destroy families. In 2014, a man by the name of Darius Ghahary was arrested on charges that he was dealing drugs to a teenager that died from a drug overdose.  It appears he was dealing different drugs out of his home to include prescription drugs.

Teenagers often die of a drug overdose because they do not understand the harmful effects that it has on your body. Often, teenagers combine prescription drugs with other street drugs that often lead them to their death.  Ghahary was selling a few illegal drugs to include: Oxycodone and Molly.

The majority of residents were shocked by the accusations since Upper Saddle River, N.J. is relatively quiet.  The neighbors are often friendly to one another and a lot of peace is kept. Many residents are asking themselves, “Why?”

As reported by, Prosecutor John Molinelli said that the war on drugs is not over with.  It is obviously in the suburbs as well.

There are many causes of drug abuse.  One of them is when an older person deals drugs to young adults and children.  Most adults know the harm that a drug can do to a person. When an older adult gives a drug to teenager, it causes pain to the entire family on both sides.  If he is found guilty, he could be facing 30 years in prison.   It is clear the government is not going to stand to see our communities destroyed by drugs.

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