Celebrity Pastors that Turned to Drugs: Why Do They Do It?

Celebrity Pastors that Turned to Drugs: Why Do They Do It?

Pastors preach to us every Saturday and Sunday morning about God loving us.  Many people question a pastor’s faith and words when they find out that they have a drug problem.  A pastor by the name of Zachery Tims, Jr. was found dead in a NYC hotel room in 2011.  He died of an accidental cocaine and heroin overdose.  He was no ordinary pastor. He was actually one of Florida’s most popular pastors.  He had an 8,000 member church in Orlando, Fl. He unfortunately died in Times Square from an overdose that he thought he beat.  He once wrote a book entitled, “It’s Never Too Late”.  The book talked about how God freed him from drug abuse.  However, like many drug addicts that get sober, they can always have a relapse at some point in their life.  One of the ways to stay away from your old drug habits is to keep your faith strong.  The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson agreed that sobriety must have faith attached to it.  Stress is also another reason why people turn to drugs and alcohol. Often, drugs like heroin cause the body to feel calm.  People that take heroin often want to feel relaxed and peaceful.  Heroin gives you a temporary fix for relaxation.  If taken in high doses, it can cause your body to stop breathing. People tend to fall asleep under high doses of heroin.  Your brain actually forgets to breathe and this causes death.

Ted Haggard is another pastor that fell from the pulpit.  He said that he bought methamphetamine from a male prostitute named Mike Jones.  However, he denies ever using the drug. He said that he threw the drug away.  Ted Haggard was the former president of the National Association of Evangelicals.  It represented 45,000 congregations worldwide.  Mike Jones however tells an entirely different story of what took place between he and the pastor.  It is obvious to most people that if you are hanging out with prostitutes that deal drugs, chances are, you are probably using the drug personally.  It is unclear as to what the truth here is since Ted Haggard and Mike Jones gave two complete different stories.  It is clear however that another pastor had fallen.

Another pastor by the name of Rev. Juan Demetrius Mcfarland told his Alabama congregation that he had been using drugs and having intimate relationships with people inside of the church while knowing he had AIDS.  As you can imagine, the church leaders voted him out from leadership 80-2.  A lot of people felt betrayed by the pastor. They felt like he was not a true leader and many questioned his faith in God.

It is clear that people often relapse when they have too much stress and loss of faith in their life.  It doesn’t matter what religious background you come from. If a former addict has too much of this going on in their life, they can definitely relapse.  In order to help a pastor that is caught up in a drug and alcohol battle, it is important to tell them to take a break and relax. Tell them to get into an alcohol and drug treatment program.  It is important that they get back on track again with what is most important in life.




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