Christian Ministries Dedicated to Helping Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

Christian Ministries Dedicated to Helping Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

Faith Farm Ministries was founded by Rev. Garland Eastham in 1951.  He opened his church to the homeless men that were in the streets.  He believed in the biblical commandment to love one another as I have loved you.   He unfortunately saw these men coming back to his church time and time again, because they struggled from an addiction.  He felt the need to extend his homeless program.

Today, faith farm ministries has over 445 beds that help men and women with addiction. It is a 9 month residential program on 1,650 acres of lands.  They provide men and women with a safe place to get sober and include: food, clothing, life skills training, work therapy and job training in their program.  The program helps thousands of people that are in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  The program is free for people that need help because the founders do not want to give people the heavy burden of worrying about money while trying to get sober.

The program includes: daily bible classes, group encounters and work therapy. The men and women that attend Faith Farm Ministries can walk away having skills such as: learning how to overcome difficulties with people that they are in a relationship with, overcoming low self-esteem, job skills so that they can obtain employment after the program is finished.

If you have a teenager in your home that is in need of drug/alcohol rehabilitation, you may want to try  This organization has programs for teenagers that are struggling with addiction.  This treatment program is concerned with the spirit, mind and body of those that get treatment.  Their training is based on the Holy Bible.  The teenagers that attend the program receive: classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethics training, and involvement in the Christian community.  The cost of the program varies from person to person. While in treatment, teenagers receive:  training, lodging, meals, supervision and other expenses.  The life skills that a person learns here is designed to help keep a person sober for life.  The program not only treats teens, but adults as well.

Christian organizations provide the best method for overcoming addiction in my opinion.  Mainly because almost every treatment center teaches you that it is necessary to have faith in order to overcome an addiction.  Without spirituality, it is almost impossible to stay sober for life.  When you turn yourself over to a higher power such as Jesus, you begin to learn how much God cares for your soul.  Jesus loves you!

The beauty of many Christian rehabs is that their fees are often based on your income.  Most people do not have enough funds or proper insurance to attend a traditional treatment program.  Christian rehabs often give people hope because a lot of the expenses are covered by generous donors that support the organization.  A treatment program can cost as much as $30,000 for a 30 day inpatient program.  Most people cannot afford to write a check for $30,000.  Most people can only afford a few thousand dollars and a payment plan.


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