Corey Haim: A Canadian Actor That Died of a Supposed Drug Overdose

Corey Haim: A Canadian Actor That Died of a Supposed Drug Overdose

If you grew up in the 1980’s, you will probably remember childhood actors like: Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Drew Barrymore, River Phoenix, Macaulay Culkin, Jason Bateman, Neil Patrick Harris, Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald and Sean Austin.

One of the most loved actors was Corey Haim. He starred in movies such as:

  • The Lost Boys
  • Lucas
  • License to Drive
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Silver boys
  • Lost Boys: The Tribe
  • Blown Away
  • Watchers
  • Anything for Love
  • Crank: High Voltage
  • Prayer of the Rollerboys
  • Murphy’s Romance
  • First Born
  • Fast Getaway
  • Decisions
  • Shark City
  • The Backlot Murders
  • Universal Groove
  • Busted

There were so many other movies that he starred in. He even had his own reality show with Corey Feldman called The Two Corey’s.  Corey seemed to have all of the things in life that most people feel would make them happy. He had success, money and power. He was a gifted actor that had many people around him that loved him. The question now remains, why did he take drugs?  Why couldn’t he stop?

Many actors choose to take drugs for different reasons. Some actors like River Phoenix overdosed and died.

Corey was born on December 23, 1971 and died in 2010 unexpectedly.  The mother of Corey Haim saw her son collapse unexpectently.  His death was said to be an accidental overdose.  At the time of his death, his mother Judy was going through cancer treatments and Corey was helping her at home.  It is important to note that Corey tried to get help from different rehabs over the years for his prescription drug addiction.   He unfortunately did not much success with any of the programs.

There were some inner demons that Corey Haims had to deal with. He was molested as a child as reported by  His mother Judy wanted to go after the person that did this to him. However, Corey Haim told her that he did not want to pursue it.  Often, drug and alcohol treatment centers deal with sexual abuse.  Many people that get treated for drug and alcohol addiction has had molestation done to them.  It is often a hard and difficult process for people to have to go through.  People are often encouraged to find their faith in rehab as well.

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson found sobriety after he added faith into his life. He was able to remain sober for the rest of his life.  Corey Feldman wrote a book entitled, Choreography.  The book speaks about the molestation that was done to both he and Corey Haim.

It is apparent that Corey Haim’s drug addiction had a lot to do with the fact that he was child molested.  A lot of Hollywood stars have gotten molested and turned to drugs/alcohol as an outlet.  If you were molested and have a drug problem, it is best to call a drug and alcohol treatment center today to get help.







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