Crack Cocaine: How it Effects Your Brain and Body Parts

Crack Cocaine: How it Effects Your Brain and Body Parts

Crack Cocaine is known as a cheap drug that is smoked. Users that take the drug, have a higher chance of getting a heart attack, convulsions, muscle spasms and seizures. Some long term effects are: severe depression, disorientation, tooth decay, high blood pressure, brain damage, psychosis and so much more.

It is a drug that sends most people into a life full of unhappiness and anger. If you have ever known someone that took crack cocaine, you may have noticed that they had an increase in weight loss and lung damage. It also causes damage to your kidneys and lungs. Any type of drug that is smoked can cause harm to your lungs. It is best not to smoke anything.

According to (, the blood flow of someone that does cocaine is slow and abnormal in comparison to someone that does not do cocaine. We are now living in a technological age and modern day machinery is helping researchers to see exactly what happens inside of a person’s blood vessels as they are taking cocaine. There were volunteers that decided to help out in an experiment conducted by Mclean Hospital in Belmont. The experiment had people take the drug in order to see what effects it had on the body as someone was using the substance. The research found out that the blood vessels became narrow as the drug was being used.

You may think that seeing this is no big deal. However, this is the first time EVER that this was able to be seen in a research. It was always speculated that this would occur. However, we now have actual proof. The blood vessels become narrow on healthy young men who only use the drug once in a while.

When a person has an addiction to crack cocaine, it is best to put them into a treatment facility that can help them to change their lives. Most parents try to tackle this addiction without any professional help. They watch their sons and daughters go through stages in which they are spinning out of control. A person with a bad crack habit spend about $200.00 a day on their addiction. It is never easy to watch a loved one spinning out of control with crack. A person that seeks out treatment normally has a 30 day inpatient stay at a hospital or treatment center. A person must learn how not to go back to the drug. Often a person’s brain is addicted to the drug and cannot stop thinking about it. A lot of therapy has to be given to someone that has a drug addiction.

Crack cocaine is also known to damage your nasal tissues such as nasal septum and ulcers. People that have smoked crack cocaine can also suffer repertory problems such as a chronic cough or bleeding from their lungs. It is not uncommon to hear of an ex addict suffering from memory problems and an inability to focus. Crack does kill brain cells. It is a fact.

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