David Dunkel: A Transitional Housing Program in York, Pennsylvania

David Dunkel: A Transitional Housing Program in York, Pennsylvania

A name that many people in the drug and alcohol treatment field know of is David Dunkel.  He owns and operates a facility called Sees the Day in York, Pennsylvania.  Check out his website at   sees-the-day.com.  You will find that this transitional housing program is perfect for anyone not seeking a formal or professional counselor on site.  The resident are encouraged to get aftercare.

In order to stay at Sees the Day, a resident has to attend a 12 step recovery program.  It is also a requirement that they attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting daily.  Residents also have to work.  This is not a free ride for anyone.

In order to be a resident, a person has to pay an initial cost of $480.00, a security deposit of $200.00, two weeks rent of $230.00, two weeks of food for $40.00.  The goal is to get your living a drug/alcohol free lifestyle.  You must live responsibly and you will learn life skills.  You can also obtain spiritual help as well.

There is only 6 people to a house.  You have a choice of 11 different locations.  If you have never stayed in transitional housing, you will find that it builds financial stability and a supportive environment.

You will find some testimonies on the website from people that have stayed at Sees the Day. The residents that have stayed here seem to be happy with the program.  David Dunkel has over 20 years’ experience helping addicts to transition from addiction to sobriety.


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