Dealing with Your Shame as a Former Heroin Addict

Dealing with Your Shame as a Former Heroin Addict

It is a common fact that when someone gets out of heroin rehab, they are going to have to confront people that once saw them as a heroin addict. Your neighbors may ask you how you are doing since you got out of rehab. Ex addicts often feel ashamed of the lifestyle that they once lead because of their addiction. Many addicts often steal from their family, friends and neighbors. Others prostitute themselves in order to get money for their drug. The drug actually begins to control a person’s life when they least expect. It is important to understand that when a person is addicted to a drug, they often do not understand what they are doing exactly.

The best way to handle someone that used to see you as a heroin addict is to introduce yourself to them for who you are now. If they ask how you are doing, it is important to let them know that you are now clean and sober. If you can avoid them entirely, it is probably best to avoid them. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes, the people that you used to steal from or prostitute yourself to are your neighbors.

There is no reason for you to feel any shame. You have already been through a lot of pain in your life. You were once controlled by a drug called heroin. However, you should never identify yourself with the “things” that you used to do in order to get money for heroin. Your body was physically addicted to the drug and you did what you had to do at the time in order to get more heroin. You now know that it is not the life that you want to live anymore. You took the right steps by going into a 30 day rehab program and detoxed your body from the drug.
Just because you got out of rehab doesn’t mean that your work is done. You must now hire a therapist to help you to understand who you truly are right now. You must learn who you are step by step with the help of a trained counselor that has worked with former addicts. You can often find these professionals at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or in magazines that show advertisements for PhD’s that treat former addicts.

Your therapies should give you a questionnaire as to what is effecting you now. They should also give you a treatment schedule as to how often you are going in for therapy. Therapy can last for a few weeks to a few months. This all depends on your therapist. Therapy works well for people that just got out of rehab because they now must learn a new way of living. A new way of living may be getting yourself into a college/university for training or finding yourself a new job. Many rehabs offer job placement assistance after you get out of your facility.

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