Delray Beach Florida Seeing More Drug Overdose Deaths These Days

Delray Beach Florida Seeing More Drug Overdose Deaths These Days

Delray Beach is known for its family festivals, beaches, art galleries and upscale shops.  It also has its own share of drug problems as well.  It has a fun night life for most tourists.

In June of 2015, the SunSentinel wrote an article about the dramatic increases in heroin overdoses in May of 2015.  The police reported that 17 people overdosed from heroin.  Another startling fact is that 3 people died.  If you take into account that 26 people have died between January and June of 2015, May seems to bring the most deaths.  It is hard to say as to why this happens in any community.  It is clear that an investigation has to be put into play in order to find out why this is happening.

Heroin abuse is not only a problem in Delray Beach. It also seems to be a problem in West Palm Beach and Miami as well.  Heroin is on its way back according to law enforcement agencies. Police are seeing more people using heroin now than it has in the past.  Local leaders are also trying to figure out why this occurred.

It is clear that heroin never completely left eastern states.  New York City and New Jersey are also seeing higher incidents of heroin addiction.  Heroin addiction is highly addictive and should be treated by a professional alcohol/drug rehab.

Attacking the drug problem in Delray Beach, FL will take a careful plan put together by the local police and political leaders.  When drug addiction takes over any community, it is important to have many professional leaders involved in the salutation problem. Often, licensed psychologists and drug treatment specialists must provide a solution as well.

It is important that communities get educated on why drugs are harmful for them.  As each generation comes forward, new education methods must be brought out as well.  People must understand the harmful effects of heroin and other illegal type drugs can do to your body.


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