Did the Beatles Do Drugs?

Did the Beatles Do Drugs?

If you lived through the 60’s, you were most likely a Beatles Fan.  The Beatles are the most famous band that ever lived.  In an article published by today, they said that Paul McCartney tried heroin once and later on liked the drug cocaine https://www.today.com/id/5121163/ns/today-today_entertainment/t/paul-mccartney-got-no-thrill-heroin/.

Even though it is not factual, many baby boomers say that the Beatles were partly responsible for glamorizing drugs in the 60’s.  A lot of people say that some of their music was about drugs.  Paul McCartney was arrested in 1980 for marijuana possession in Tokyo.  McCartney did cocaine for around a year when he was making the song Sgt. Pepper.

The singer also said that the song entitled Got to Get You into My Life was about marijuana.  The song Day Tripper was about the drug LSD.

A lot of music experts say that the song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about drugs.  However, John Lennon said that is was not. John Lennon said that it was a song about his son’s school drawing from nursery school.

George Harrison said in Anthology that he first tried marijuana after receiving it from an older drummer from another group in Liverpool.  He remembers smoking it in a band room in Hamburg.

A Professional DJ at a club in England Called the Liverpool’s Cavern Club said that the Beatles were occasional drug users.  By the year 1965, it seemed like the Beatles reputation had been tarnished with rumors of their drug use and change in personalities.  A lot of fans did not like the fact that they tried drugs or even used them.  A lot of the American public felt that some of their music was trying to glamorize drug usage.

The first wife of John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon said that when John was on LSD, she felt like she was living with a stranger.  She felt that his use of LSD was pulling him away from her.  When John started to take LSD daily, she became worried for him.  George Harrison said that when he and John took acid together, he had an interesting relationship with him.

Drug and alcohol abuse is popular amongst rock stars.  It is clear that the Beatles did use drugs and often talked about it in their music. In the 60’s, drug use was often not talked about. Alcoholism was often not a topic of discussion either.  The fact that they brought it to the attention of the American public was too hard for many people to handle at that time. If it was in the 21st century, the public may have had a different reaction to it.

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