Do Bright Minds Experiment with Drugs?

Do Bright Minds Experiment with Drugs?

Some great names have experimented with drugs at some point in their life.  Some famous inventors and scientists have been known to use drugs.  Drug use have impacted our society more than most people know.

Some famous people that have experimented with drugs are:

Andrew Weil – He is the well-known leader and Godfather of integrative medicine.  He has spoken a lot about his use of morphine and psychedelic mushrooms.  There is no saying as to how much he used, but the fact is that he did use them.

Bill Gates – Admitted in an interview with Playboy that he experimented with LSD in his youth.  It seems like a lot of people with genius minds have tried drugs at least once in their life.  Although not a scientist or inventor, John Lennon did experiment with drugs as well.

Karis Mullis – The great American biochemist that won the 1993 Nobel Prize told the California Monthly that he took a lot of LSD.  Another great mind that used LSD was John C. Lilly (known in the field of electronic brain stimulation).

Paul Erdos – For those that have never heard of him, he is considered to be the leading Hungarian mathematician.  His friend Ronald Graham said that Paul Erdos could not get any work done when he made a $500.00 bet with him.  The bet involved him not being able to take amphetamine for a month.  Paul’s friend believed that if he stopped taking amphetamines, he would not be able to work well. Paul’s friend proved himself to be correct.  Paul Erdos got wasn’t able to get any work done while he stopped taking amphetamines.

Sigmund Freud – He described cocaine as being a wonder drug.  He was known to use marijuana until he died in 1939.  Many executives and wealthy men and women have been involved with snorting cocaine.  Cocaine is often referred to as the rich man’s drug.

Steve Jobs – Said that experimenting with LSD was one of the greatest things that he ever accomplished in his life.  Timothy Leary (advocate of LSD) was a popular consumer and advocate of LSD as well.

Great minds often use drugs or experiment with them for different reasons.  However, many great minds also die young for different reasons.  Some are related to drug use and others are related to different causes. If you look at the great minds of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, you may see that they died of a drug overdose.  People that have addiction issues should always consult with a treatment center for help.



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