Does Alcoholism Run in Your Fathers Family?

Does Alcoholism Run in Your Fathers Family?

You’re an alcoholic and your father was also.  Chances are, your grandfather and his father was as well.  Experts have been researching alcoholism for more than a generation.  Some top experts say that alcoholism is hereditary.  If you follow a person’s heritage, you will see that many generations have either died of alcoholism or been in alcohol related accidents. tells us in an article entitled, “Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse” that American Indians and Native Alaskans are more at risk of developing alcoholism.  The history has shown high rates of alcohol use.

Not everyone understands alcoholism. Most people don’t know what an alcoholic is or if they are one.  If you are feeling ashamed of your alcohol consumption and have friends and family telling you to go to rehab, you probably have a problem.  The only way to find out is by calling a drug and alcohol treatment program in your area.  Don’t wait until you black out somewhere to find out that your problem is a lot harder than you can deal with.  Getting sober takes time, effort and dedication.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, our genes are not the only factor as to who will become an alcoholic.  Scientists are now beginning to discover that some drugs help a person during treatment for alcohol abuse.  The drug Naltrexone has been shown to help some men and women.  However, not everyone has good results with this drug. What works for one person may not work for another.

Scientists are also discovering that just because your father drank alcohol in the past doesn’t mean that you are destined to become an alcoholic yourself. In fact, many people that had fathers and grandfathers drinking alcohol did not drink themselves. In order to find out if you are capable of becoming an alcoholic, ask yourself some of these questions?

Do you think that alcohol is the only thing that can relax you?

Do you live for going to wild parties in order to get drunk at the end of the night?

Are you hoping to drink and not get caught when you are at work?

Do you have a difficult time stopping you’re drinking after only one or two drinks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may consider staying away from alcohol completely.  Many people that feel out of control with alcohol are usually aware of becoming an alcoholic at some point in their life.

Fathers often recognize alcoholism in their children before anyone else does.  This is mainly because their children follow a similar pattern of their own growing up.  For some, alcoholism is a lifelong battle before it even begins.  Many men and women say that they were tempted to drink large amounts of alcohol before they even started drinking to begin with.  The feeling was so irresistible that it was hard to fight it. This could mean a hereditary gene.

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