Don’t Sell Drugs: You Will Get Caught

Don’t Sell Drugs: You Will Get Caught

As each generation passes, a new one arises.  Many men and women think that the police will never catch those dealing drugs.  Many drug dealers and suppliers to be, think that they will earn lots of money.  However, most people will come to see that drug dealing will only land you in prison.

According to, a man from Hawaii is behind bars because he was carrying  a package containing 6 pounds of meth.

In Honolulu Hawaii, 1 pound of meth sells for $20,000.  As you may have guessed, he will be serving a long time in jail for his actions.  Unfortunately, we hear of many cases of people turning to drug dealing because they cannot find suitable employment or because they are trying to pay off some debt.

The truth of the matter is that if you deal drugs, it could cost you your life.  You could be looking at a few years in prison to life.  The law is not lenient on people that deal drugs or smuggle drugs into the country.

In another case in New York City, the police recovered nearly 154 pounds of Heroin.  In New York, this has a street value of 50 million dollars.  This is the largest bust that NY has ever done.  According to NY City DEA prosecutor, this amount of heroin is enough to supply every person with a dose in New York City.  That is a lot of heroin!

According to, heroin deaths are up in the United States.  More people are starting to use Heroin across the United States.  It is becoming most popular in New Jersey.

If you are a drug dealer, you should think twice about dealing again.  If the law doesn’t bother you, think about all of the lives that are being affected from every person that you are dealing drugs to.  Some of the men and women that you deal drugs to will die because of an overdose.

When someone dies of a drug overdose, you actually effect the entire family.  You cause families to live in sadness for the rest of their lives because of a loved one that passes away.

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