Drew Barrymore: She Faced Many Challenges in Her Personal Life and Career

Drew Barrymore: She Faced Many Challenges in Her Personal Life and Career

One of the first movies that Drew Barrymore starred in as a child was ET.  This was a movie that rocked the entertainment industry in 1982. One of the main stars in the movie was Drew Barrymore.  She played the character of Gertie.  She has starred in to many movies to count and is one of America’s most beloved actresses.

Besides being a great actress, her family has had a long history of substance abuse.  Her grandfather John Barrymore died of alcoholism at the age of 60.  Her aunt Diana Barrymore said in her book “Too Much, Too soon” that she had a reckless hunger for drugs and booze.  Her father John Barrymore has had a history of drug arrests and alcoholism as well.  Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers know that addiction often begins at home. There is a lot of research pointing to the fact that someone can become addicted to drugs and alcohol for different reasons.  However, hereditary is one of the factors.

Drew Barrymore started smoking cigarettes when she was just 9.5 years old.  She also says that she drank to get drunk when she was just 10 years old. She was a club hopper at this young age as well.  The actress told People magazine that after a while, drinking got boring and she moved onto smoking pot.  She first smoked pot with a group of young adults that allowed her to take a hit.   Can you believe that the group laughed because they thought it was cute that a young girl is smoking pot?

Eventually Drew began using Cocaine.  This is a highly addictive drug.  Her problem kept on getting worse and worse for the actress.  At times, she admitted to throw stuff around in the presence of her mother when she got drunk.  Her mother eventually had to take her to a hospital to get help because she was so drunk.  She ended up staying there for a period of twelve days.

After that, she went to group therapy.  Unfortunately her sobriety did not late.  She ended up hanging out with people that liked to drink.  Even though she wasn’t drinking, her friends were.  She had the feelings that she was somehow missing out on partying.  She wanted to have the same fun that they were having.

At another point in time, a young woman in a ladies bathroom asked Drew if she did cocaine.  She responded by saying no.  However, the woman gave her a temptation once again by asking her to give it a try.  Eventually Drew gave in and didn’t think that the blow would have much of an effect on her.  That same night she got cocaine from a drug dealer in the club.

One night she stole her mother’s credit card to go partying with friends.  Her mother did not know that she took her credit card and reported it stolen. The police showed up at her friend’s house and put her in hand cuffs and took her to a program called ASAP.

To make a long story short, Drew eventually got sober.  She shares the story with millions of people in the world that decided to become sober as well.

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