Drinking Green Smoothies for Optimal Health after Drug Rehab

Drinking Green Smoothies for Optimal Health after Drug Rehab

If you just recently got out of drug and alcohol rehab, you are off to a good start. Congratulations on your success!  Here are a few tips on how to keep your body strong at this next phase of your life.  In order to keep your body strong, you are going to have to find something that works for you.  Green smoothies are an excellent source of vitamins.

If you are buying your green smoothies at a store, make sure that it is 100% natural with no sugar added. If you like your drink sweet, you can always add an extra apple or two.  Apples help to sweeten up your green drink.  Barry Popkin’s is a PhD professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina.  He stated in an article by Time.com that “Vegetable juice is very healthy.”

Most nutritionists will agree that vegetable juice helps to give your body the nutrients it needs to live on.  Smoothies became big in the United States during the 1920’s.  Believe it or not, a man by the name of Julius opened the first smoothie store named “Orange Julius”.  Julius had a sensitive stomach and had a hard time drinking fresh squeezed orange juice because of its acidity.  However, he found that by drinking his oranges with other fruits and vegetables, he was able to drink it without a problem.

The world has studied smoothies since then.  Now in the 21st century, we are looking at smoothies as a new way of life.  People now mix their fruit juices with wheatgrass, sprouts and leafy green vegetables. If you can just have 1 glass a day, your body will get most of its daily vitamins and minerals.

Keeping your body clean after rehab is an important step because your body has been through a lot already.  Green smoothies and juices have been known to keep your body calm, relaxed and strong.  Did you know that vegetables are high in potassium, so they can help lower your blood pressure?

Some other benefits of drinking a green smoothie are that they: help you to stay hydrated, helps your body to remain calm, and gives you nutrition on a daily basis.  If you plan on going on a juice fast or a smoothie fast, it is always wise to check with your doctor first. Make sure that if you have diabetes or any other kind of ailment that your doctor knows about it.  Sometimes having to many fruits in your smoothie can affect your health negatively.  It can raise spikes in your blood stream because of a rush of sugar going through your veins.

You can get excellent nutrition from a smooth.  However, don’t forget to eat your vegetables without blending them as well.  Juice and smoothies often lack the fiber that your body needs because it brushes away the actual leaf.  Eating a healthy balanced diet on a day to day basis is important.  It is up to you to take care of your body for ultimate performance.


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