Drug Alcohol Abuse

Drug Alcohol Abuse

A dual diagnosis in a drug and alcohol treatment facility may be heroin with alcohol combined. Often, addicts will take both alcohol and drugs as part of their addiction.  The term “drug alcohol abuse” often refers to people that have a problem with both.  Abuse is something that a person goes through for different reasons.  For most addicts, addiction is hard to handle on their own.

There is a book that many people are finding useful on the internet entitled, “Alcohol and Drug Addiction: How to Know If You Have the Symptoms” by Charles Clapp.  This book is 156 pages in length.  The author has put together some amazing topics for discussion such as: how did you get this way, where to begin, how to find help and so much more.

The author explains why people drink and who likes to drink in particular.  It gives people knowledge as to what may be going on in their life right now.  Why is addiction a part of your life.

The author even asks the question, “Are you a potential alcoholic?”  This is a good question to ask yourself for several reasons. For starters, have you ever thought about your alcoholism or how it affects you? Are you an alcoholic?

The author says that he was a potential alcoholic based on a lot of factors that he discussed in the book.  He also says that he drank whenever he got the opportunity to do so.  This happens with many alcoholics. Often, the thrill of drinking is there because alcohol is always around you.  Many alcoholics spend money on alcohol daily.

Most alcoholics believe that they don’t have a problem with addiction because they only drink socially.  However, when they look at the fact that they go to the bar every single night for happy hour, makes them re-think about their drinking. A lot of people today suffer from alcoholism from different walks of life. People that are addicted to drugs and alcohol will often tell you that they need help, but don’t know how to get it.

It is important for you to help the addict to get help when they ask.  The best way to go about this it to call a rehab in your area.  Let them know about the situation that is at hand and that you want help to get them sober again.  It is not easy to get sober for several different reasons.  Many people see life as being a hard journey. It is never easy to break free from addiction.

Other great books to read on alcoholism and drug use are:

  • Alcohol: Drugs, Golf and Guitar – A Love Story by Randy America
  • Overcoming Your Alcohol or Drug Problem: Effective Recovery Strategies Workbook (Treatments that Work) by Dennis C. Daley and G. Alan Marlatt
  • Alcohol (21st century skills Library: Health at Risk) by Lydia Bjonlund
  • Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
  • For Teenagers Living with a Parent Who Abuses Alcohol/Drugs by Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer
  • My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has a Disease a Child’s View: Living with Addiction by Claudia Black.





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