Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug abuse has been a problem that is growing in the United States for over a decade.  Families from around the world are asking themselves, “Why is my child on drugs?  Why can’t my loved one stop drinking?”  These questions and many more are asked on a daily basis.  When someone abuses drugs, they need rehab.  Drug abuse means that someone has reached a point where they are taking to many drugs and cannot stop.  Sometimes, these drugs destroy the body, mind and spirit.  It is important to look at drug abuse and figure out a way to stop it.  Many men and women choose not to go to a treatment center to get help for different reasons.  However, if you are enabling someone to do drugs, it is important to stop.  The more that you enable someone that has a drug problem, the more that they will take advantage of you and ultimately destroy your life.

  • Here are some reasons why someone may become a drug addict.
  • They started using drugs as a child and continue on as an adult.
  • You have suffered severe abuse as a child or some type of trauma.
  • There is a family history addiction.  Perhaps your mother or father used drugs.
  • If you smoke or inject drugs, you often have a higher chance of being addicted.

The reason why many people become a drug addict is because it brings pleasure to their brain.  In many cases, the dopamine levels increase.  Many people that have become sober from heroin say that their body craves the drug.  They feel so addicted to the point that their body wants to connect with the drug constantly.  Addiction happens in every kind of family.  Many mothers and fathers often worry if their child is on drugs because they were a bad parent. In actuality, this is not the reason.  It is not the reason because the best parents in the world often find out their child is on drugs.  Some parents think that if they did not live in poverty, their child would have grown up in better schools and met nicer friends.  However, wealthy kids have trouble with drugs as well.  No matter how rich or poor someone is, drugs can effect anyone from different walks of life.

A lot of families believe that taking drugs is a choice.  They will often tell their loved one, “If you really wanted to stop taking cocaine, you would!”  This is simply not the case.  For starters, your brain actually gets addicted to the drug. This is something physical that is often worked out in detox. Before a person enters a 30 day inpatient program, they get detox for around 7 days.  In this way, you can be under the care of a facility that will detox your safely.

Some addicts believe that because they have a disease such as addiction, they cannot possibly overcome it. After all, they are born with it. Is this true?  The answer is no! When you enter detox and a 30 day program, you begin to treat your addiction with exercise, medication and therapy.  You begin to learn how to live a sober free life with modern day technology.  This is something that was not offered to people 100 years ago. In the 21st century, you have many ways to overcome addiction.

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