Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A book that every addict should read is one entitled, “How to Know if a Loved One is Using Drugs” by John Gianetti.  This is a self-help drug and alcohol addiction book.  It has a perfect 5 stars on Amazon.com. Many people that read the book say that it is helpful and packed with information.  The good news is that it is not a long book. It is only 30 pages long. This means that you will not feel like you have to sit down and read a 250 page book for information.  This book is jam packed with all the information that you need quickly.

The author gives you a simple table of contents that uses chapters such as: The Basics of drug addiction, the do’s and Don’ts of coping and Symptoms to look out for.  The author makes suggestions to first understand addiction before you can help someone else with an addiction problem. This is a good point considering most people do not understand addiction.  Most people think that an addict can just make a choice to stop. However, many rehabs will tell you that a person becomes addicted to a drug or alcohol and physically develop a dependence on a drug. It takes time to work out drug addiction in your life. Nothing happens overnight.

The author also talks about drug addiction being hereditary as well. In many families, drug addiction is a factor. In many families, children take after what their parents are doing.  It is not uncommon for a mother to have a child that is abusing drugs on a daily basis.  It is necessary to take charge of the situation and help your son or daughter through a problem that may be biblical. It is necessary to have your child evaluated by a medical doctor.

Another great book to read about drug and alcohol addiction is entitled, “Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery” by Erica Spiegelman.  This is also another 5 star book that speaks of addiction.  This book is a little bit longer at 144 pages.  I would consider it to be easy reading.  The author is a professional addiction specialist, counselor, author and speaker.

Some of the feedback that this book received is saying that it is a must read and that the author changes your mind as to how you think about recovery.  Some of the chapters include information about: honesty, self-care, love, compassion and hope.  It seems to be an important life lesson that everyone needs to learn about whether you are the addict yourself or know someone with an addiction problem.

Alcohol and drug addiction and literally destroy a family.  The author even adds in her acknowledgements that her intention to write the book is to help people.  To me, that says a lot about her character and love for people.  She is the real deal when it comes to educating people about addiction.

I hope that you pick up a copy of these two books. I believe that you will find help and a reason to think about sobriety.  Try buying it for an addict that needs to hear the truth about their addiction.


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