Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

Many women and men are stuck in relationships where drug abuse and domestic abuse are a problem. The problem is a lot higher for women than for men.  Most women try to hide the fact that they are being abused.  Often, drugs and alcohol are used to mask problems. If you have an abusive spouse, it is important to report it to the proper authorities. Many women that stay in silence from domestic violence find themselves being beat up or killed.  According to C. Everett Koop, domestic violence is the lead cause in women ages fifteen to forty four.

A lot of research points to the fact that around 50% of all women have been exposed to violence with their spouse.  In 1994, the Department of Justice did a study of families that have been exposed to domestic violence and murder.  It was shown that more than fifty percent of those studied were using alcohol at the time that the murder happened.  This is even more of a conclusion as to why alcohol impairs people’s judgements.

Men are more likely to follow through on violent thoughts according to The Bureau of Justice Statistic’s National Crime Victimization Survey.  It is important to understand that alcohol and drug abusers do not respond well to you taking their abuse. They often respond better by consequences for their actions.  If you show you abuser that you are going to call the police on them, they are more likely to not abuse you.  However, you must follow through with action if the abuser does hit you physically.

Before reaching a point in which there is fighting and violence, try asking them to go into a rehabilitation program. Often, a loved one will not want to get help for their addiction. However, it is important that you tell them that you will not be with them anymore if they choose their drug over you.

Treatment centers know how to deal with domestic violence from drugs and alcohol.  A good counselor can teach you why your loved one needs professional help and that you cannot do this on your own. Often, spouses of abusive men and women will learn that their loved one must go into treatment or else the relationship is off.  The more that you educate yourself, the better outcome you can have.


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