Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Drugs and alcohol abuse destroy the lives of millions of people all over the world.  The United States has many cases of teenagers and young adults being addicted to the drugs of their choice.  It is a dangerous place to be if you are an addict.

An interesting story that I found online was one about a woman by the name of Mindy.  The story was posted on fairbankscd.org (https://www.fairbankscd.org/mindys-story).  Mindy was the kind of kid that enjoyed art and hanging out with friends.  The story says that she never had a problem with alcohol or drugs.  She sounded like she was a well-rounded person that was eventually going to go down a bad path because of a guy that she met.

Her boyfriend was a heroin addict.  He offered her the drug several times. She refused always and then on one day he stabbed her with a heroin needle.  As many treatment centers already know, the drug is highly addictive. Even using it one time can cause you to become addicted.  Her body developed a physical dependency on the drug.

Like many addicts, she turned to a life of heroin abuse.  She began lying and stealing from her parents.  Her behavior began to change and a whole new Mindy was being brought out.  Many addicts experience this type of behavior because heroin causes your body to crave the drug and physically need it.  If you don’t get the drug, you actually become angry and can have major withdrawals that are painful to go through.  Some addicts resort to a life of prostitution.

Eventually she was expelled from school.  It was clear that she needed help, but her parents were unsure about what they were going to do.  To make a long story short, she got help from an addiction treatment center called Fairbanks.  She was there for 6 weeks.  I wish that I could say that Fairbanks was a miracle cure for her. However, her story tells us that she faced relapse around the holidays at times.

The good thing is that she told the staff about what was happening with her relapses.  Mindy found help at last through exercise.  She eventually put everything together that she learned at the treatment center and working out.  Mindy is now living a sober free life.  She is like many others that struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.  She had to find something that worked for her.  The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson said that he found sobriety when he turned to his faith in Jesus Christ. He found that it kept him sober.

Mindy learned to be honest with herself and others about what is going on in her life.  Rehabs teach you about honesty and getting in touch with yourself. People that do not have honesty in their hearts often say that they cannot become sober.  Being honest simply means that you are not going to go against what you really believe in. It is all about talking through your problems and understanding that you must take responsibility for your actions.



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