Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol

Is there a difference between drugs and alcohol?  There is an alteration between drugs and alcohol.  For instance, many prescription drugs treat diseases and illnesses such as: anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, pain, schizophrenia and a host of other problems. If taken legally by a psychiatrist, you can find the help that you need to treat your disorder.  Certain types of alcohol are actually good for your body if taken in moderation.  A glass of red wine is said to help reduce heart disease.  Many doctors in the medical field today say that marijuana is good for patients to smoke that have pain.  It has been legalized in Colorado and parts of California.  Some drugs and alcohol do help the body.

The problem with drugs and alcohol is that some people do not use it in moderation.  It is a lot like eating unhealthy foods that have high Tran’s fats, sugars and salts.  These foods are okay to eat in moderation, but when someone abuses the food, they can become obese or physically sick. Many people get high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and other ailments because of food addiction.  When someone has a drug problem, they can face an overdose.  A person often loses a sense of who they are.  Many men and women turn to prostitution as a way to pay for their drugs. Others resort to stealing from friends and family. No matter how you slice the cake, you cannot abuse drugs because it will destroy you.  When alcohol is taken in high quantities for a period of time, a person will often shake or have an alcohol seizure.  Your body cannot take it anymore.

Over time, alcohol use can cause organ failure. Millions of people worldwide have died of sclerosis of the liver and kidney failure.  Doctors often say that the cause of the failure was due to excessive alcohol consumption.

When taken in high doses, heroin can relax your body so much that it causes you to fall asleep. Once asleep, your body forgets to breathe because heroin shuts down the part of your brain that tells you to keep breathing while you are asleep. This is why many celebrities often die of a heroin overdose.  Other drugs like PCP can cause a person to not feel pain.  They are often seen being beat by police in videos because they cannot place the person under arrest.  Their body becomes immune to the pain because of the drug.  PCP is often referred to as the drug that gives you superhuman strength.

Both alcohol and many street drugs impair your ability to focus and to be yourself.  A lot of drugs today alter your personality.  Flakka is a new drug that people are using. It is said to create a person to act completely insane and flop around waving their hands and feet in the air.

People often look at their life and feel like they don’t know what to do about their addiction. In order to get time, someone needs help with their addiction through a treatment facility.


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