Florida was at One Time the Oxycodone Capital of the United States?

Florida was at One Time the Oxycodone Capital of the United States?

A few years ago, the media began reporting that Florida was no doubt the unofficial pill mill of the United States. Florida had 93 out of 100 oxycodone dispensing doctors in the USA. This means that most of the pills were coming from Florida. This narcotic was used to treat pain. It was often given to people that suffered from addicts. Authorities saw this as being abusive and therefore put tougher regulations on many Florida pill mills.

There were 650 million oxycodone pills shipped in 2010. Another report that came out in 2010 said that oxycodone caused 1,516 overdose deaths in Florida. 2010 was not the worst year for drugs. Change did happen in 2010 as well by Purdue Pharmacy. They are the primary makers of oxycodone. When the report came out about oxycodone, they reformulated the drug. Shockingly, the drugs could no longer be snorted, crushed or injected. This helped reduce the illegal use of the drug that was going on.

The year 2011 was a year that the police were cracking down on doctors that were dealing these drugs illegally. If you owned a pain clinic, you were under investigation for the most part by the police. A lot of these clinics were actually raided. The police were not playing games and wanted to make it a serious matters. People were dying over these clinics giving medication to people that shouldn’t have been taking it to begin with. There were some doctors that were sent to prison because they were considered to be drug dealers. The jury put them in prison because they knew that they were running a clinic giving people drugs illegally.

The new laws that were being put out were forcing doctors to keep better control over which patients actually get pain pills. If these pills were over prescribed, the doctor received a serious penalty. The government was doing all that it could to bring down the illegal practice of illegal oxycodone distribution. The Department of Health was now controlling the dispensing of these drugs. When these drugs were given out, the pharmacy had to report it to the department of health.

With stricter regulations, more care was put into the industry. Pills being shipped to Florida were under 527 million in 2011. That is a Signiant drop from the 650 million pills shipped in 2010. Each year, the pills being shipped to Florida drops. It is amazing what happens when stiff regulations come into play. In 2013, that number dropped down to 313 million. If you see the pattern, it looks like the people are beginning to take prescription drugs more seriously. Government officials that are making these laws are saving lives. These drugs should not be in the hands of addicts that want to abuse them. There are only 367 pain clinics across the state of Florida.

The amount of oxycodone deaths is dropping each year. It is important to keep in mind that Florida was once considered the drug capital of the world. Florida has been cleaning up its act over the past decade. Most people now see Florida as the state with too many drug and alcohol treatment centers. I guess that is better than seeing it as the drug capital of the United States.

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