Food Addiction Can be deadly as any Drug

Food Addiction Can be deadly as any Drug

When people overeat, they often feel bloated.  People that eat large amounts of sugar, fat and salt can develop health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  Many men and women that suffer from food addiction find it difficult to top eating.  Often, they are not eating healthy fruits and green vegetables.  Fruits that are often high in fats, salts and sugars are their usual cravings.

The brain is weird in the sense that people experience pleasure with a release of dopamine going to the brain.  When a person overeats, they are feeding a food addiction.  They are often not eating because they are hungry.  People often eat because they like the taste of the food that they are eating.  Often a person can eat out of stress, anxiety or depression.  Food addiction happens when you least suspect.  Sometimes a person may feel like food is their only source of hope.

People that have a food addiction say that they are constantly eating because it is an addiction.  Some early signs that you or someone that you love is addicted to food are:

1)      When you eat, you cannot stop.  You don’t even know why you are eating.

2)      Even if you are not hungry, you keep eating the same food and don’t even know why.

3)      You experience depression, anxiety and anger when the food that you crave is not around.

4)      You will drive long distances to get the food that you want if you don’t have it around you.

Obesity is often accompanied by a food addiction.  Sometimes a person’s weight can become morbidly obese.  Many food addicts lose their lives at early ages due to a heart attack, stroke or other ailment. It is important to get the help that you need 24 hours daily.

If you feel that your weight has spiraled out of control, it is necessary to get help immediately.  Often people wait until they are over 400 lbs. to get help. This could become a dangerous situation for you.

Food addiction also happens with people that are within their weight range.  Many people that are underweight and overweight suffer from food addictions.  If a person is addicted to certain types of food, they may have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and be undernourished from eating foods that they have become addicted to.

Scientists are now doing studies on the heredity of food addiction. Often, food addiction runs in families a lot like alcoholism and drug addiction.


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