Franklin Lakes New Jersey: A 21 Y.O. Died of a Drug Overdose

Franklin Lakes New Jersey: A 21 Y.O. Died of a Drug Overdose

Heroin seems to be a growing problem in the United States of America and around the world.  Thousands of people are being affected by it in Bergen County alone.  A sad story that I came across on was about a 21 year old woman named Caitlin Reiter.  She passed away at her father’s home in 2014.

According to the story, Caitlin’s addiction didn’t start with heroin. It started with prescription drugs.  Like many addictions, they often grow in stages. For some, it starts with alcohol and then eventually grows into something like heroin or crack cocaine.  Her mother Patty Trava said that once her daughter started using the needle, it was all over.  She said that no rehab or family intervention could stop her addiction.

The young woman took her last “hit” before going to bed.  For those that do not know, a large dose of heroin can cause someone to sleep.  When a person begins to sleep while on this drug, it shuts down the part of your brain that tells you to continue to breathe.  A person dies because they literally forget to breath.  If a family member finds them too late, they usually die.  Heroin is a dangerous drug to be taking.

If you find your son or daughter unconscious and not breathing from heroin, it is important to call 911.  They can normally give them Naloxone.  This is a drug that halts the effects of heroin.

Caitlin is not alone.  Heroin is a problem that is growing in the United States because of its cheap price and ease of obtaining the drug.  It is a lot like crack cocaine in the sense that it starts off as being a cheap drug and then after that, a persons’ addiction gets out of control.  A bad heroin addiction can cost you as much as $200.00 a day.  A person will need to go through detox in order to get off the drug and most likely a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program.

If you find that your loved one does not want to go to rehab, it is important to hire a professional interventionist who can get your family member to come.  The intervention will involve you and your loved one. You will tell them the reasons why you want them to get help.  Addicts usually agree to go once they find out that their entire family will not enable them anymore. Usually the addict is given repercussions of they refuse to go for treatment.  Once a heroin addiction spins out of control, professionals often have to come in to help.

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