Halfway Home: Where to Find Them in New Jersey

Halfway Home: Where to Find Them in New Jersey

A halfway home is a place where people live when they are coming out of rehab.  It is meant to transition them back into regular society.  Sometimes people refer to them as “sober living houses.”  Here is a list of Sober Homes in New Jersey:

  • Haley House – Blairstown, NJ
  • Hansen House – Egg Harbor City, NJ
  • Unity Place – Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Sunrise House – Franklin, NJ
  • New Hope Foundation – Marlboro, NJ
  • Eva’s Kitchen and Sheltering Progs Inc. – Paterson, NJ
  • Daytop New Jersey Crawford House – Skillman, NJ
  • Expectations – Somerset, NJ
  • Anderson House – Whitehouse Station, NJ

This is just a small list of many halfway homes that you will find in New Jersey.  Halfway houses are often taken care of by people that once had a problem with drug and alcohol abuse.  Many people enter a halfway home before seeking treatment as well. This is mainly because they are living in the streets or have nowhere else to go.

Most halfway homes require you to attend sobriety meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. You can usually stay between six months to a year.  Some houses allow a longer period of time.  If the house has a live in manager, it is usually under better care. Often, strict rules are applied for residents and if the rules are violated, the person can be asked to leave.

Many families are often afraid of letting their loved one back into their home again that used drugs. Families often find these sober living houses as a great way to test their family member before letting them back into their home again.  The families of the addicts often keep close contacts with the house managers in order to find out what their loved one has been doing on a daily basis.  They ask questions like, “Do you think that they are using drugs again?  Are they working?”  It is important to ask as many questions as you possibly can because letting a loved one back into your home after rehab is tough for many people.  Before rehab, your loved one may have been stealing from your or prostituting themselves. This is devastating for most people to handle. Sometimes a halfway home builds trust again.

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