Having a Successful Family Day at a Drug Rehab with Your Loved One

Having a Successful Family Day at a Drug Rehab with Your Loved One

Your loved one has now been in rehab for a couple of weeks.  They are inpatient and you are excited to see them.  Your first thoughts are that they are going to be happy to see you as well.  However, this is not always the case.  For starters, your loved one has been experiencing a time of counseling, group therapy and getting in touch with themselves.  You may be shocked to find out that you are a part of the problem.  Perhaps you felt like your loved one is going to thank you for all of the love that you always gave to them.  However, family day may be a time where your loved one confronts you with something that may not even make sense.  In order to deal with this, tell them that you care about them and are happy that they are getting treatment.

Family day should be a time when you say to yourself, “My family member needs to know that I care about them.”  Most family members understand how important it is to give love, respect and care for a family member that is in rehab.  However, don’t expect them to tell you every detail about the program. Often, they are dealing with detox and understanding why they got addicted in the first place.  Many parents are often saddened by the fact that their child is blaming them for becoming a drug addict.  Expect the unexpected and do not fight with the person that is in rehab.  Instead, try to be more understanding to what they are trying to say.

Some family days are great.  You may be received by your loved one with wide open arms and a friendly kiss.  They may want you to sit down and talk with you about all aspects of life. They now feel free to just be themselves. You know 100% that they are sober for the first time in a while.  You may recognize that they have a certain twinkle in their eyes that they did not know was there before.  Instead of being jittery, you may now see them as being calm, collective and funny.

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