Herbal Tea: Helping to Remove the Toxins from Your Body

Herbal Tea: Helping to Remove the Toxins from Your Body

After Rehab, you need to keep your body strong and healthy. Many nutritionist believe that herbal teas help you to keep your body strong.   Herbal teas are known to remove toxins from the body.  Herbal teas have minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.  Some drinkers of herbal tea also say that they can boost your energy.

Before drinking herbal teas, check with your medical doctor to make sure that they will not interfere with your medication.   Certain herbs should not be drank depending on your medication.

A great company that has a wide selection of teas is a company called TEAVANA.  Check out their website at teavana.com.  You will find herbal teas such as: Mulled Pomegranate Cider Herbal Tea, Dragon fruit Devotion, Wild Orange Blossom, Berry Kiwi, Passion Tango and many others.

People have different ways of making herbal tea.  Some people say that boiling a pot of water and then pouring it into a tea bag is the best way to go. Other men and women insist that herbal tea has to be brewed in a tea kettle.  It is important to experiment with which way works best for you. As they say, what may work for me, may not work for you.

Flavor is important when it comes to drinking herbal tea. You will find that a good tasting herbal tea will make you want to have more cups of it throughout the day.  You will also find that a good tasting herbal tea will keep your body wanting more.

Toxins are all around us.  They are in the air, water and our food.  Some detox experts say that drinking more filtered water helps you to detox as well.  Green tea is a favorite for removing toxins as well.  It has natural purifying ways.

You may have learned in rehab that it is important to eat a good diet. You need a good diet to give you energy, protein and all around good nutrition.  If your body can handle it, it is good to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits and berries.

The pioneer of juicing, Jay Kordich used to encourage people to juice every day. He sold a product called the Juiceman Juicer.  He started to give juicing lectures from 1986.  He used to tell people that drinking juice gives your body good vitamins.  Instead of eating your vegetables, he believed that juicing them allowed you to consume lots of vegetables and fruits in one sitting.

Other herbal tea companies that are reputable are: Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, mountain rose herbs, adagio teas (adagio.com) and many others. Try visiting a store that actually sells teas such as TEAVANA. You can find these shops in most mall throughout the United States.  Click on this link to see if there is a location near you:


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