Heroin: A Drug that May Have Killed Jim Morrison?

Heroin: A Drug that May Have Killed Jim Morrison?

If you lived through the 1960’s and 70’s, you probably remember the legendary rock star Jim Morrison.  Some of his most famous songs were: Riders on the Storm, Light My Fire, and People are Strange, End of the Night and many others.

He was born in Melbourne Florida in 1943 and died in 1971 of a suspected heroin overdose.  He was well known for his music, lyrics and love for his fans.  James Morrison was the Song Writer and Vocalist for the group, The Doors.

The Rolling Stones gave Jim Morrison an interview.  In the interview, he said that he started writing poetry when he was in the 5th and 6th grade.  He once wrote a poem called “The Pony Express”.  If you ever hear any professional talking about rock music, they would most likely tell you that Jim Morrison was the most influential person that affected it.  A biography was written about his life entitled, No One Here Gets out Alive.  One of his first arrests was in Tallahassee.  He was drunk at a football game and pulled a prank.

He attended UCLA University and graduated with a degree in film.  In 1966, he started a group called The Doors.  He did have a long time love named Pamela Courson.  They never married, but she saw herself as his wife.  Jim Morrison was not completely faithful to Pamela.  He was known to sleep with the women that followed him. These were often called groupies.

Jim Morrison died in a rented apartment in Paris.  He was found in a bathtub dead.  Even though his autopsy report said that he died of heart failure, a many by the name of Danny Sugerman said that he died of a heroin overdose.

There is not much information as to what may have lead him to take heroin or any other type of drug.  It is clear that he most likely did not want to die. He apparently died of an accidental drug overdose.  Heroin is known to cause you to stop breathing if taken in high doses. It will cause you to become sleepy and then you will stop breathing.  Your brain normally says to keep breathing when you are sleeping. When you are on heroin, it tells your brain not to breathe when you are asleep.  This unfortunately causes a heroin overdose death.

If you ever want to visit the gravesite of Jim Morrison, you will have to see him in Paris. He is buried at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.


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