How Cocaine Effects Families Negatively

How Cocaine Effects Families Negatively

Cocaine is said to be an expensive drug habit.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, it was known as the Wall Street drug.  If you were a business executive and earned lots of money, your drug of choice was usually cocaine.  Costing as much as $200.00 an ounce, cocaine was something that a lot of people did for recreational use.  Little did most people know that cocaine had highly addictive side effects?

In the 21st century, cocaine is back on the rise alongside of heroin.  Many families are having to watch their loved one needing treatment for a substance abuse. It takes time to decide on whether or not you want your family member to go to rehab.  It has to be at the right time. Your family member must want to have help as well.

Cocaine makes your heart beat faster and often leads to high blood pressure.  Many men and women die of cocaine addiction each year.  It is important that you get help for your loved one as soon as possible. Every day that they are on the drug, they tend to get worse.  It is not uncommon for someone to die after their first use of the drug.  It is extremely powerful.

Addicts often have underlying reasons as to why they are taking the drug to begin with.  For some, it is because they are trying to feel a sense of floating or being high.  As addictive as cocaine is, there are no signs of withdrawal from the drug.  However, there are some withdrawal symptoms of the drug to watch out for.  These are: moodiness, depression, anxiety and tiredness.

Spouses are often the first to find out that their loved one is taking this drug.  The mood swings are usually not common with their normal behavior. Someone that is normally upbeat and happy is now showing constant signs of sadness, mood swings and attitude changes.

The harmful effects of cocaine can often sneak up on you.  It can cause someone to have low enthusiasm and poor concentration.  Cocaine would be a really bad drug to take for a college student. If you have no experience dealing with cocaine, it is best to call an alcohol and drug treatment center.  It is important that you get all of the facts concerning this drug before it is too late.

In 2013, reports that there were around 5,000 cocaine related deaths in 2013.  Cocaine abuse is even up in the UK.  Check out this article on Cocaine deaths up by 50%  Cocaine addiction is not only a problem in the United States, but also around the world.

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