How Did Prescription Drugs Kill Anna Nicole Smith?

How Did Prescription Drugs Kill Anna Nicole Smith?

According to, nine prescription drugs killed Anna Nicole Smith.  Most of these drugs were psychiatric drugs in nature.  The once loved former Playboy model was known for her charm and wanting to be famous.  Many refer to her as being one of the first reality television stars.  She died of an accidental overdose like her son Daniel did.  There deaths were only a year apart.  Many people believe that she died of a broken heart.  Since Daniel died in the Bahamas, his death was ruled by a Bahamian jury in court.  They said that he died of an accidental drug overdose. There was no foul play.

Daniel died from multiple drugs to include antidepressants and methadone.  There seemed to be a difference of opinion when it came to Daniels drug use.  Anna Nicole’s former boyfriend Larry Birkhead testified that he saw Daniel as a troubled young man with alcohol and drug problems. Anna’s other friend Stern said that he never saw Daniel using alcohol or drugs.   It is not clear as to how hard of a drug user Daniel was.  It was however clear that he died of a drug overdose.

The question arises about Anna Nicole’s death because people wonder if she was warned about the harmful effects of taking so many drugs at once.  Since most of the drugs in her system were prescribed by a doctor, she may have not known that taking so many at once was deadly.  Many people today take a combination of prescription drugs because their doctor tells them that it’s okay to do so. However, is it really safe to be taking a cocktail of anti-anxiety drugs with depression pills and mixing it with sleeping pills?  Everyone should always follow their doctor’s advice.  However, in some cases, doctors do not always do what is right.

In the case of Michael Jackson’s death, his doctor Conrad Murray received a two year sentence for killing the famous Pop Star Icon.  The jury ruled that the doctor gave him a lethal dose of Demerol which eventually took his life.  The jury found that the doctor should not have been giving him this.  The doctor argued that he felt that Michael Jackson did need this dosage in order to help him sleep and to calm his other symptoms.

Many celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe die of a prescription overdose as well.  A lot of celebrities die from prescription overdose because their doctors are not informing them of the painful nature of the drug.  Often, people fail to realize how addictive these drugs can be.  A cocktail of prescription drugs can often lead a person to their death if not taken correctly.  In many deaths, prescription drug overdose are often linked to the cause of death.

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