How Faith and Your Sobriety Work Together

How Faith and Your Sobriety Work Together

Faith is the belief that something will happen even though there is no evidence that it will.  Many people have confidence in the world and others do not.  If you are trying to get sober, it is necessary to have faith.  Without belief, you can do nothing.  Faith helps us to understand that we cannot always see what is ahead for us with full facts.

Staying sober means that you are going to have to believe that your life will become whole based on the fact that God is there to help you.  God will always be there for you and give you the love that you need on a regular basis.

In order to remain sober, you will have to find faith deep down inside of your heart.  You can slowly take time to figure out how to get there.  The founder, Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous said that he could not stop drinking until he found God in his life.  Once he put his faith into action, he was able to be sober.  Every addict knows that overcoming an addiction takes time, effort and faith.  You must believe that sobriety is possible.

Former addicts often say that prayer and attending weekly group meetings helps them to stay sober.  Without group meetings, you are more likely to slip back into hold habits. Church, meetings and get together help you to have faith long before it happens.

Some group meetings for ex addicts are: 12 step groups, secular organizations for sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, self-management and recovery training, church functions, yoga, martial arts schools, psychologist group meetings and church retreats.

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