How Many Times Should You Go Back to Rehab in a Year?

How Many Times Should You Go Back to Rehab in a Year?

A question that many men and women ask themselves is how many times should I go back to rehab?  It is not uncommon to hear about a person going into an inpatient facility for 30 days In January and then going back for treatment again in July.  The reality to the question of, “How many times should you go back to rehab in a year?” is as many times as you need to.  Everyone is different.  Some people go to a drug and alcohol treatment center for 30 days and never have to go back again.  Some treatment programs teach you how to stay sober for life.  Not everyone responds to treatment the same.  The legendary founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson said that he could not become sober until he incorporated his faith with his sobriety.  Often, people need their faith in order to stay sober. If you have no believe in God or a higher power, it is hard to stay sober.

Almost every treatment center teaches you to believe in something other than yourself.  Staying sober takes commitment and time. You have to say to yourself, “I want to be sober and stay sober.”  The decision must come from your heart.  Many people do not know how to stay sober.  Many people say that being sober takes too much time and energy.  However, a rehab is supposed to help you to see life differently.

Insurance companies may or may not pay for your treatment beyond 30 days in a given year. You will have to check with your insurance company if you need to go back to rehab after 30 days.  It is important to be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself if you need rehab because you truly want to get better.  Are you trying to use rehab as a crutch?  What is the real reason why you are choosing to go to rehab?  Getting to the bottom of what you are truly feeling inside of your heart makes sense.

If you are thinking about going back to rehab, talk to the drug and alcohol rehab center that you went to originally.   Tell them what you have been going through and ask them for suggestions. Often, a treatment center will allow you to come back for care or recommend you to another place that may better suit you.  If you are trying to get rehabilitation for yourself, it is a good thing.  Most people never reach out for help.  The fact that you are reaching out says a lot about you wanting help.




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